10 Foods You Should Never Eat

10 Foods You Should Never Eat

We know some products are really dangerous for our health, and other products are good for us as they are healthy. It turns out it’s not so simple and some of the most promoted and popular foods can, in fact, harm you. Never eat these 10 dangerous foods for the sake of your own health and the health of your family.
Even if you see the juice labels “not from concentrate” or “100% pure”, don’t let this fool you. Juice, after being squeezed from different fruits, is kept in huge vacuum-sealed tanks where it can sit for up to a year before being packaged! And by that time, the juice has lost all its flavor, which is why manufacturers have to add artificial flavoring to make it taste fruity again.
In most cases, cereals are loaded with refined carbohydrates and sugar. Even if the label assures you that it’s fat-free and whole grain, check the list of ingredients. You’ll most likely see that the product is full of sugar.
Despite common belief, most yogurts don’t contain probiotic bacteria since the process of pasteurization kills all these microorganisms.
When consumed, trans-fats in ice-cream can cause high cholesterol, stroke, heart disease, and even cancer. Ice cream is also loaded with sugar, artificial flavors, and synthetic preservatives. And if it’s pink, purple, or red, it’s most likely been colored with cochineal extract or carmine, additives which can cause bad allergic reactions.
Popcorn has some genetically modified ingredients as well as taste-boosting chemicals and additives. This leads to health problems such as heart attacks, digestive issues, allergies, skin rashes, breathing problems, and the depressing list goes on. Even more, popcorn is extremely caloric.

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Fruit juices 0:37
Energy bars 1:42
Cereal 2:31
Margarine 3:21
Low-fat yogurt 4:11
Ice cream 5:01
Eggs 6:07
Microwave popcorn 7:09
Sugar-free candy 8:32
Diet soda 9:26

-Store-bought juices may contain some real fruit, but most of their content is water, sugar, and artificial flavoring.
-Protein bars and energy bars alike are usually processed products containing sugar, artificial flavors and sweeteners.
-Breakfast cereals typically contain a teeny tiny amount of whole grains, which allows producers to mark their product as healthy, but they also contain unhealthy sugar.
-Margarine is typically made from industrial vegetable oils hydrogenated to become solid, a process that significantly increases the oils’ trans-fat content.
-Manufacturers load “low-fat” yogurts with sugar to make up for the lack of taste usually provided by the natural fats.
-Instead of pure milk or cream, manufacturers use cheaper hydrogenated fats such as palm- or coconut oil to produce ice-cream. These oils, when heated, become nothing more than trans-fats.
-One egg contains as much cholesterol as a big greasy burger.
-Microwave popcorn’s almost always lined with the same toxic substance you can find in Teflon pans.
-If candy doesn’t contain sugar, it contains artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose, and saccharine. These substances are chemically processed and may cause some serious side effects.
-Artificial sweeteners in diet soda can easily lead to weight gain as they trigger the production of insulin, which makes your body store fat.

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    Japanese people eat a lot of eggs and they live longer, better take advice only from topic experts

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    Evereything has artificial flavoring so is evereything dangerous

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    In another video you have explained the benefits of eating eggs?😒🤔🤔🤔

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  • GaZ loves Games on February 20, 2020

    Great share… as its awareness of things not everyone considers. We are brainwashed on what can be a good option. We all know processed is never good!

  • Harry Porter on February 20, 2020

    The egg "fact" is BS, I've eaten 1-12 eggs a day for over 35 years, that I know of. I'm 46 and have very low cholesterol.

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    Which one should we follow???

  • randi daar on February 20, 2020

    You are no longer credible. Explain uas the story of those scientists who were so hard working for decades trying to prove that egges are – even one egg is dangerous. Came on , who paid for those so called "research". Pathetic.

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    Agree with everything except eggs – free range sunny side up eggs are extremely healthful- they are a natural food!!

  • Ron Glaze on February 20, 2020

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    Wow,i just lost all respect for this channel(Bright Side). Last night i watched video them talking all the good stuff and benefits of eggs,and now same channel has video talking all bad about eggs.They are loosing credibility in my opinion,dont know how many other lies they got,unsubscribing now.

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