Apple Cider Doughnut Loaf Cake Recipe

Apple Cider Doughnut Loaf Cake Recipe

The only reason I gave it 2 stars is we didn’t throw it out. The taste is okay, but there are applesauce loaf cake recipes with much more flavor. This is incredibly time consuming to make to end up with a mediocre (at best) cake. Don’t waste your time or ingredients on this one.


First time I made this cake, it was fine. It wasn’t much in terms of apple cider flavor though. Second time around, I reduced 4 cups of apple cider, and there was more of a pronounced apple flavor. Also added cardamom and upped the amount of spices in the batter.

I think next time I might reduce down 5 or 6 cups to see how concentrated I can get it. It’s a decent cake and it will taste delicious. But if you’re expecting a loaf form of an apple cider doughnut, this is not the recipe.

Anonymouscleveland 10/14/20

Clearly author needs to learn a more effective way to list out recipe. Also. Way over baked at 60m dry. So. I’m just above sea level. Adjust time accordingly. Also. Needs MORE of the cider flavor. Reduces fine at 10 to 12 m. Also needs more cinnamon imo. My boys said as well. Next batch trying muffins. Looking to change up my Xmas goodie trays for family. Should hopefully produce a nice change. But dear Lord. Re-write the instructions and number the steps. Shew.


I made this last night and it turned out so well! I substituted buttermilk for the sour cream and also used 1/4 cup whole wheat flour. As others mentioned, it will take about 20 min to reduce the cider. I baked for 70 minutes and it came out perfectly. As others mentioned, reading the recipe in its entirety beforehand is a big help. And do NOT substitute apple cider vinegar for apple cider. šŸ™‚

CantStopCookingStamford, CT10/13/20

THIS IS SO GOOD. Similar to other reviewers, I felt the recipe was a bit confusing and I’m glad I read it closely before starting. A few things:
– Cider reduction took longer than 8-10 minutes for me.
– While I was waiting for the reduction, I followed another reviewer’s suggestion to prep the dry ingredients and prep the sour cream/vanilla mixture.
– Baked mine for exactly 70 minutes

AnonymousWashington, D.C. 10/13/20

Great result despite being initially confused. Cider took a bit longer to reduce and I also did not use all the dusting sugar mix. Texture and flavour were both fantastic. Will 100% make again.

TJ CooksMontreal, QC10/12/20

Maybe. I agree with most of the comments that the recipe is not well written. I melted the butter and then added it to the flour mixture because it was part of the same paragraph/step. Then further down, i realized that it needed to be added to the egg mixture. Confusing! Also, it takes a long time to reduce the cider on the stove….definitely not 8-10 minutes. I used gluten free King Arthur flour instead of regular and substituted some coconut sugar for the topping. The consistency was good. The flavor was so-so. If i had to make it again, it might be without those substitutions for people who can eat regular flour.


The recipe is written in a rather confusing way, as noted, but the cake is good. The moral of the story is to read the recipe, and don’t use Apple Cider Vinegar instead of Apple Cider.


This was the absolute worst thing Iā€™ve ever made. I have ACV every morning in a detox drink and thought this was interesting. Never have I made any desert and had to throw it out. The entire thing is in my trash for Monday pick up. It was nothing but intense vinegar tasting moist loaf. Yes, it was moist. That is the only positive I can even give this.


Worth the time and the dirty dishes. My husband and kids ate it in almost one day. Used lite sour cream and wasnā€™t able to tell.

AnonymousClifton, nj10/11/20

Moist and delicious; perfect for fall. Made recipe exactly as stated (70 mins in oven), though I will use less of the sugar-cinnamon mixture at the end just as a preference.

AnonymousWashington DC10/10/20

Stop whining about the recipe. It is precisely written and worth every one of the six bowls/pans. Instead of reducing the apple cider, I used 3/4 C unsweetened frozen apple juice (thawed). Absolutely delicious loaf cake with lots of apple flavor. I want to try it as muffins/mini muffins next.

swhitehead1Gaithersburg, MD10/09/20

Delicious, but dear god what a terribly written recipe. I read reviews about how bad it was written up-front, so I was EXTRA careful, but I still messed up steps. I felt like I was on an episode of Great British Baking Show trying to decipher Paul Hollywood’s cryptic technical challenge recipe instructions. Confusing AF, FOR. A. LOAF.

bigbadbrookieSalt Lake City10/09/20

The person who wrote this recipe’s mind is hectic


Oh my goodness this is the most delicious recipe i’ve had in a while. I messed up the last step and put the butter in the cinnamon sugar mixture but it made a nice glazed donut effect instead (happy little accidents).

Alexis Bentley8026010/04/20

Use a box grater with frozen butter, to make little butter pearls. Use the large side. Butter will not get warm with hands. Perfect every time.

llg1966Minnesota. 10/04/20

Can you put in the calories per slice?

acclimbs4394New York10/03/20

Who wrote this recipe? You need to read it few times before to attend to bake this.

AnonymousLong Beach, CA10/03/20

Tasty end product, though I can see why some would be confused with the recipe. Luckily you can make the process more efficient. Once your cider is in the saucepan, use the reduction time to measure your ingredients and combine ahead of time as appropriate (dry ingredients in one bowl, sugar in a big bowl, sour cream/vanilla in another). Once that’s done, if your cider hasn’t reduced enough, turn up the heat and monitor it until you get to where you need to be. During the cider cool time, you can melt your butter, beat your eggs/sugar, and add the butter in. Like other reviewers have said, reading the recipe ahead of time is key for this loaf.


Question, Instead of a cake pan, could I use a donut pan for the apple cider donut cake? The pan I have is for baking donuts.

Steve NeubeckKenmore NY 1421710/01/20

I expecting a super sweet, apple cake, but it was not that sweet and the apple flavor was lacking a bit. That being said, I actually really enjoy this loaf cake. It’s moist and has a nice, subtle flavor. Though I didn’t make any mistakes, I agree this recipe is not written well and I had to read each steps a few times to make sure I was doing it correctly. My husband and daughters loved it and I will definitely make it again.


Amazing recipe. The negative reviews made me so nervous and I was basically crouching outside the oven watching it rise the entire hour. Didn’t taste bland at all even though my cider didn’t finish reducing to exactly 3/4 cup. Tastes just like an apple cider donut. No complaint about “too many steps.”

RBGlivesforeverNew York09/30/20

I absolutely LOVED this cake!! I substituted greek yogurt for sour cream and added a pinch more cinnamon and nutmeg, but other than that, I followed the recipe exactly and it came out great! I like to organize sections of a recipe together ahead of time, and I think that really worked to make this recipe work!! Highly recommend! Kept well for 3 days, surprised it lasted that long honestly! šŸ™‚

AnonymousMemphis, TN09/29/20

Made this tonight and it turned out great! I agree with a few other reviewers that it could be more clearly written, but as long as you read it in full before you start you should be fine. I didnā€™t measure my cinnamon and nutmeg so I definitely used more than suggested but I prefer stronger flavors. I also forgot to add baking soda but it still rose okay. Iā€™m not an experienced baker at all and was very excited by how this turned out.

Detroit, MI09/28/20


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