Physicists have created “everlasting bubbles” ctm magazine

The shell of a water/glycerol gas marble (bubble) remains liquid and spherical even after 101 days, and it reacts as a liquid film when punctured. These human-made bubbles could be used to create stable foams. A. Roux et al., 2022 Blowing soap bubbles never fails to delight one’s inner child, perhaps because they are intrinsically […]

Antitrust bill that bars Big Tech self-preferencing advances in Senate ctm magazine

Enlarge / The dome of the United States Capitol Building in Washington, DC. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 16-6 today to advance an antitrust bill that would prevent Big Tech firms from giving their own services preferential treatment. The bill attempts to limit the ability of dominant firms to “unfairly preference” their own products or […]

The genetic engineering behind pig-to-human transplants ctm magazine

Enlarge / Cloned piglets that are engineered to be useful for organ transplants to humans. Last week, when we reported on the first pig-to-human heart transplant, we complained that the commercial company behind the operation wasn’t more forthcoming about the genetic engineering that converted the pig into a viable donor. We now know much more […]

Google Pay resets strategy again with new leader, might get into crypto ctm magazine

Enlarge / Google Pay continues to circle the drain. Google is bringing on a new executive who it hopes will turn the beleaguered Google Pay division around. Bloomberg reports that Arnold Goldberg, PayPal’s chief product architect, will now run Google Pay after the former payments chief, Caesar Sengupta, left in April. Of the Google services that […]