Battleground state county plans deep cut to polling locations ctm magazine

Election officials in a rural Georgia county are weighing plans to close all but one polling place ahead of this year’s elections, alarming local voting and civil rights groups. CNN’s Dianne Gallagher reports. #CNN #News



  • Peppi Frew on January 20, 2022

    Nazi Georgia…

  • otrxc on January 20, 2022

    Shut up.

  • Richard Gooden on January 20, 2022

    He sitteth in the lurking places of the villages and the cool halls of state legislatures: in the secret places doth he murder the innocent: his eyes are privily set against the poor.

  • Juliette Hamner on January 20, 2022

    One party want less Americans participating in our elections and the other wants more. It's clear as day!!

  • Emsley Wyatt on January 20, 2022

    "Deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed". Come again.

  • D Mac on January 20, 2022

    This is where people from Oprah to Lebron James and everyone in-between needs to put there financial recourses together & get the people that are disenfranchised to the voting stations.

  • Daniel Schlobach on January 20, 2022

    This needs to be brought to the Supreme Court, I feel like this is a violation of the 15th and 19th amendments

  • ryan mac on January 20, 2022

    Look at all these "people" that trust CNN ….. even after their producers where arrested on unspeakable crimes against children 🤦‍♂️ you're all sick and vile individuals who support child rape and grooming. Be a proud democrat 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • SAINT 65 on January 20, 2022

    Republicans are anti-American & anti-Constitution.

  • Daves Ontherocks on January 20, 2022

    We should cut all federal funding to any state that makes voting harder, Biden could do that with an executive order?

  • Juliette Hamner on January 20, 2022

    What kind of Counties don't like democracy? Communist Countries!!

  • God bless the less fortunate on January 20, 2022

    The guy who said "I think anyone who wants to vote is going to vote anyways" should be fired. That's like saying anyone who wants to lose 20 lbs (or insert anything difficult) will do it. Of course anyone can lose weight, but how many will endure the pain for something they want?

  • diveunder on January 20, 2022

    This year will be nothing more than a propaganda show until November! Just more division among Americans sadly!

  • Tejano J on January 20, 2022

    Because that's what republicans do – cheat. They put more work into cheating than into policies/solutions for their constituents, to legitimately win elections. No. Instead, they lose, cry, lie about it being stolen, perform a terrorist attack on the capitol and pass laws to limit access to voting… which shows weakness.

  • John Schoedel on January 20, 2022

    Gov Kemp likes the Klan, secretly yet openly.
    He's dividing the people by race to hold his and his party's white privileged power and control.
    If it wasn't done for racial control, then only have one polling place in each county, make everyone inconvenient for parity.
    Georgia, home to George Wallace Jim Crow racist politics.
    Home of the Rotten Peach.

  • lostinmuzak on January 20, 2022

    Hahaha. Stupid and yet so typical of GA country.
    In some countries, such as India, the government is doing opposite. They send small voting huts in the remote areas of the country by helicopter if necessary.
    America has gone crazy.

  • Robert Blaney on January 20, 2022

    Republicans aren’t worried about “ stop the steal “
    They want to “ stop the vote “

  • Norman Corey on January 20, 2022

    Well you need to have busses pick the voters up so they can vote then the Republicans can pass a law stopping any one from helping voters get to the polling place.

  • weldabar on January 20, 2022

    How can it be an all-republican board and even pretend to be fair-minded?

  • Justin Stephenson on January 20, 2022

    Having been lucky enough to visit Georgia 3 months ago, Georgia is beautiful, the people are friendly, the food is wonderful and the politics is about as ugly as it gets.

    This is just the front line of the GOP agenda to deny millions of people the right to vote – the more they get away with the more blatant they become. The GOP does not want " your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore" at least not to vote, no doubt they do want them for their pool boys, gardeners, cooks and maids

  • MJL on January 20, 2022

    I am deeply worried that America is replaying a history lesson humans never seem to recognize in current events. Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, and countless other lesser known tyrants have all used the same playbook. And our local batch of neo-fascists are succeeding in their efforts. American symbolism and rhetoric will be retained, of course – it'd be foolish to waste such a strong brand. It's only the meaning behind the words that will have changed. January 6th will be memorialized as Patriots' Day rather than a shameful insurrection. We have very little time to course correct – but how do we fight this tsunami of lies and disinformation flooding right wing media? I am at a loss. What can be meaningfully done to support the Truth? We could very well lose what actually does make us great: free and fair elections and the lawful transfer of power.

  • MrMJmusicLover on January 20, 2022

    Voter suppression at it's finest. 🤨

  • Super Star on January 20, 2022

    Jay- Z, Beyonce, Tyler Perry, Oprah, Michael Jordan, Dr. Dre, Tyra!!! WHERE ARE YOU???!!!! Wealthy black folks, what are you doing if you don't help your people, the people who made you who you are??? HELP!!!!

  • Michelle M on January 20, 2022

    This is part of the GOP's on-going coup against Democracy.

  • Sophie Peraaud on January 20, 2022


  • Good Comments on January 20, 2022

    CONs know more free voters=more donkey Wins. CONS know only restrictions give them a chance. LET'S Go, JOE. Not branDON-ALD/NASCAR F-Bombers=Benedict DONald=J6 Day of TREASON!

  • Guzy on January 20, 2022

    The United States is a failed state. There is no democracy here

  • Nando Griffiths on January 20, 2022


  • JoCo on January 20, 2022

    So…with their concern to make voting more efficient, the GOP will reduce the number of polling places in democratic voting counties with no public transportation by 85%…but republican voting counties will have polling places within walking distance of their homes…without the 8-hour long line ups to place their votes!
    They must be so proud of their election rigging efforts to take the vote away from other Americans! Good-bye democracy!

  • DuhBeers Z on January 20, 2022

    Can’t wait to see miles long lines around every corner filled with black people when their plan inevitably fails.

  • word 2 on January 20, 2022

    What’s stopping them from having one voting location for an entire state? Wake up people, republicans DO NOT want you to carry out your constitutional right to vote. Make sure you do! And vote like Hell!

  • la mulata linda Martinez on January 20, 2022

    Jim Crow SEGREGATIONIST up to their old wt supemacists tricks. They are the same vermin they've always been. There's not "good old boys" they're Broke down ignorant backwater reptiles with a black woman colluder, all very "plantational"