Black women leading 2020 campaigns reveal their role models

Black women leading 2020 campaigns reveal their role models

CBS News 2020 campaign reporter LaCrai Michell speaks exclusively to four black leaders in South Carolina about who they find inspiring.

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  • James Rountree on February 26, 2020

    Sorry thought this was a weight watchers meeting

  • James Rountree on February 26, 2020

    Yaaaay……because black people!!!
    Stunning and brave!!!

  • Couch gaming news on February 26, 2020

    I can't stand this garbage

  • ociriszues on February 26, 2020

    How can you trust obese people to do anything besides stuffing their pie hole?

  • MsKTMvalley on February 26, 2020

    Lovely conversation

  • Diana Hulstine on February 26, 2020

    These young women all highly intelligent and integrity should be running for office! You go girl

  • Aharon Steinman on February 26, 2020

    Leading what? America stop being cringe be real!

  • Commander Bell on February 26, 2020

    They need go on a diet

  • My toes Are cold on February 26, 2020

    Awww… that’s so sweet. They all said that their Mother’s were their role models, growing up. They are so lucky. My mother was a b*tch to me, growing up. I’m a black woman & my only role model growing up was Ozzy Osborne 😆

  • kingrome9 on February 26, 2020

    This is staged with token mammies.

  • Judah NYC on February 26, 2020

    Unfortunately most of their concerns are not my concern. I live in the North East and issues are similar but there are differences.

  • Black Cherubim on February 26, 2020

    Black bama mammies can’t see they are being used

  • False Flag on February 26, 2020

    nobody wants to look at those fat nasty hideous creatures for years. voting for them would be torture.

  • bigrich313 on February 26, 2020

    do you notice that they never acknowledged or talk to the real black man in this country they get weak sellouts to try to speak for us my wife is not the head of my table I am a black man

  • Infinite Satisfaction on February 26, 2020

    Nina Turner!!!!!!!

  • Infinite Satisfaction on February 26, 2020

    With all the BS from stop and frisk Bloomberg and DNC PLANTING CLAPPERS !!!!!Bernie still WON!!!!!

  • BxxDxx Hoodoo on February 26, 2020

    Every single one is an obese oppression magnet. Imagine that

  • Mario Lopez on February 26, 2020

    Look at the size of these people. Please tell me what healthcare system could manage the costs of the population full of the obese people? When the socialist Bernie offers free healthcare, these obese people love to hear it.

  • Christopher on February 26, 2020

    The DECADES OLD "skin color" and "race" tactics of vile, Hollywood backed leftists, are simply falling flat.

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