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Can Dogs Drink Something Other Than Water? We Give You The Answer

Can Dogs Drink Something Other Than Water? We Give You The Answer

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Water is the best drink you can give your dog. All dogs need constant access to clean, fresh and preferably cool water. For your dog, drinking water really is the best way to keep them hydrated and healthy – no other possible drinks come close. This is especially true during the summer when it gets hotter and stays that way for longer, as drinking water helps your dog cool down. If you’re going for long car journeys or days out enjoying the summer sun, we recommend you have sufficient drinking water for your dog with you and some sort of travel bowl so they can have a drink when they need it.

Can dogs drink milk?

While milk is full of healthy nutrients like calcium and protein, it’s actually not a good choice for your dog. Most dogs are lactose intolerant, meaning that milk can upset their digestive system and make them feel quite poorly – leaving you with some messes to clean up. Not all dogs will have this reaction straight away, and it can vary from dog to dog how much milk will upset their stomach. The best advice is to err on the side of caution and simply not give them any.

Can dogs drink tea or coffee?

We don’t recommend you give your dog tea, coffee or any other caffeinated drink. Caffeine can be toxic to dogs and even the smallest amount can give them caffeine poisoning. Dogs are much smaller than us and what might seem like a small serving of tea or coffee could be big enough to cause serious health problems.

Can dogs drink alcohol?

Some people think it’s okay or even funny to give their dog a sip of beer, wine or other alcohol. But alcohol is toxic for dogs and shouldn’t be given to them under any circumstances.

What about specialist doggy drinks?

There is a growing range of dog-friendly alternatives to popular drinks on the market, including alcohol-free dog beer, wine and prosecco. There are even products like health tonics and herbal tea for dogs that contain no caffeine. These are marketed as treats, and if you choose to serve them to your dog they should certainly be given as an occasional treat and not a regular part of your dog’s diet. But your dog will likely prefer a tasty and more nutritious biscuit or similar bite-size treat with a little water instead of a fancy drink.

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