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Pets News

Do cats dream and what could they dream about when they sleep

 Clear Time Media is an ADS-FREE platform. NO registration needed Do cats dream? Most pet parents will swear that their cats do. They have seen their pets’ paws twitching while they sleep, so what else could it be if not a dream? It sounds reasonable. But twitching of a cat’s paws or body, or even chattering, does […]

Five benefits of dog trianing and reasons to train yoru dog

Dog training provides numerous benefits to both the dog and the owner. If you own a dog, you naturally understand his basic needs for food, water, and medical care. Nowadays, training is widely accepted as another need for dogs that is almost as important as their other needs. Dog training improves communication between the dog […]

Why cats groom themselves, other cats, pets and people

We all know cats are clean animals, but they spend an immense amount of time grooming themselves. They groom themselves and other cats for about a third of their awake time. Why do cats groom themselves that much? Are they obsessed with cleanliness? Photo by Douglas O’Brien, cc Reality is that cast groom themselves and […]