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Get a Taste of Canada’s Japanese-Style Hot Dogs

Get a Taste of Canada’s Japanese-Style Hot Dogs

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Noriki Tamura grew up in Japan dreaming of in the future beginning his personal enterprise abroad. Then in 2005, he moved to Vancouver, Canada, and observed scorching canine carts on each nook. He knew he wanted to boost the market with some new flavors as a way to stand out as high canine. Thus was born Japadog, a scorching canine stand with a twist, that includes conventional Japanese flavors like radish, bonito flakes and nori. Enterprise took off, and now Japadog has grown to eight meals stalls, two eating places and one meals truck. By combining Japanese and Canadian meals cultures, Noriki is serving up one of the best of each worlds.


This story is part of our Flavors sequence, the place we achieve this way more than play with our meals. Include us as we dive into deliciously totally different and tastefully off-beat tales within the culinary world.

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  • Kelly KitKat on December 1, 2018

    0:45 … "as I was Japanese.." I decided to open a Mexican restaurant – for why should I prostitute my own culture ? But then I thought, "Y'know, Japanese food is Ichi Bundis ", so I came up with, JapaDog. It is neither here, nor there. Nor is it kosher. It is, JapaDog. Like, Lt.Saavik (Star Trek II) , or a child born to parents each of a different gender, JapaDog, is unique.

  • Kelly KitKat on December 1, 2018

    Sushi in a bun ? It's probably been tried.

  • Kelly KitKat on December 1, 2018

    They are really expensive. So expensive that I have not gotten around to trying one yet. If he cut the price by 2 dollars, I think they would really fly off the shelf. But at 7-10 dollars one thinks, "Well, for a couple dollars more, I could have a beef yakisoba stirfry, or a meal at chipotle mexican grill. Oh well, it is McD's today, again. I hate dishes." .. but then, I made up my mind to get one, and the stall was gone. I guess the franchisee got tired of waiting for people to try one.

  • Kino Zomby on December 1, 2018

    Sounds racist

  • Anhsian on December 1, 2018

    In berlin we have Oishi

  • Bammer2001 on December 1, 2018

    Yum, I wish I can try one of these!! 😋😄

  • D E on December 1, 2018

    Who else has had japadog?!?! Just me?

  • Ty Nao on December 1, 2018

    For 6.50 you can get a whole pepperoni pizza and a soda tax free in Delaware

  • Isla Chang on December 1, 2018

    1:44 what a snack

  • Demon-鬼 on December 1, 2018

    was that anime music at last?

  • mandalor-83 J on December 1, 2018

    Bring that shit to America bruh mainly California

  • That_Potato on December 1, 2018

    Canadian version of American food, sold in Australia

  • Peace Men on December 1, 2018

    Assimilation is great it creates new stuffs just like this Japsdog. It is not force but accepted willingly. SUBARASHI!

  • Mikkle Chua on December 1, 2018

    I've had japadog in the Santa Monica Pier and I thought it was tasty, but I would not get it again simply because the price is too high for me.

  • Michael Michael on December 1, 2018

    SO SO!

  • anita shirazi on December 1, 2018

    Vancouver is great

  • Gaben Alcayde on December 1, 2018

    I always wondered what that shop at the airport outlet was
    now im going to come in there and scream WAS THIS STORE ON GREAT BIG STORY

  • Cypir on December 1, 2018

    Add seaweed, seafood, and teriyaki sauce and it's Japanese

  • Leonvo317 * on December 1, 2018

    Lol I clicked on this five times and it made me go to a anime channel

  • Azel Asd on December 1, 2018

    Japanese hot dongs

  • Radioactive Guy on December 1, 2018

    I have eaten this in Canada before didn't like it

  • TheGreen Jarret on December 1, 2018

    13 years and that mofo didnt learn enough english to speak a couple phrases.

    Thats why kids need to be taught in at least 3 languages. Otherwise you're a trash that makes a diservice to their offspring.

  • Rasfa on December 1, 2018

    We have them in Osasco, Brasil

  • Tyler Kheang on December 1, 2018

    I literally went here for the 2nd time yesterday

  • derpruto 2 on December 1, 2018
  • Dana Osadchaya on December 1, 2018

    He needs as many places as he has in BC in Toronto, people would totally love it

  • Duy Nguyễn Đình on December 1, 2018

    Me:*read the title… 0_0 WHAT THE FUCK

  • Jam Fuentes on December 1, 2018

    I want some too.. I'd like to try all flavors.

  • Vostera Deadeye on December 1, 2018

    damn that looks so good

  • Hartlock on December 1, 2018

    the first few seconds of the intro matched with the beat of the music

  • SOLSKOT on December 1, 2018

    I swear someone online called me that once

  • Christina Bailey on December 1, 2018

    Omg!!! 😋

  • THE REAL KING FRANCES on December 1, 2018

    Crapadog !

  • Nick Singh on December 1, 2018

    2:13 holy smokes is that a beef-topped hotdog in the middle? 🤓

  • 11-12 on December 1, 2018

    you mean a hentai tentacle