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Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Pork Recipes

Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Pork Recipes

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Gordon Ramsay exhibits off his high 5 pork recipes.
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  • peter kirby CGZ on December 6, 2018

    close your eyes at 13:30

  • Sophie_ 2017 on December 6, 2018

    2. My mum made that one and she’s not a fan of Gordon Ramsey but trust me use need too make this it’s amazing and great for a roast

  • Bob Mob on December 6, 2018

    Love the earlier videos where he’s just angrily listing ingredients.

  • komanx urip on December 6, 2018

    Nuub, i bet "pork lawar" on bali island will beat all your pork recipe

  • Prashant Kerung on December 6, 2018

    How to use suger in cooking? cause here it's just too awkward

  • Prashant Kerung on December 6, 2018

    #question ?????
    Sir am Indian so can you tell me how to use herbs cause we here don't use them much.
    And I don't understand the taste.

  • Kasujja Miti on December 6, 2018

    Lord Gordon Ramsey

  • I Apologize for this Comment on December 6, 2018

    Watch vegans be like "this is fake pork belly tofu roast because we really want pork belly roast but we're fucking vegans"

  • carlos Martínez on December 6, 2018

    He looks around and copies… pork with red bell peppers… a classic in La Rioja, Spain. Pork marinated with pimentón garlic etc.. and roasted a classic all around Spain…. These english cooks they should pay royalties!

  • GrayNeko on December 6, 2018

    Recipies 1-4, leave me/drooling/, as always, with Gordon.
    However, comma, on recipe 5, I have a question! Why in HELL do the English not barbecue?! It makes no sense to me! You have amazing beef, pork and poultry. You've got gobs of good wood to smoke with. Tomatoes to the eyeballs…Awesome mustards…How did you miss the memo?!

  • T.G. Espekilde-Wandenberg on December 6, 2018

    Why chicken stock in a pig meat dish?

  • Heath Savage on December 6, 2018

    Not only a great chef, but a wonderful father. What a man!

  • katarina mucić on December 6, 2018

    How is that piece of pork called in the last recipe? At 12:25

  • NPC on December 6, 2018

    "I'm coming."
    garlic squirts

  • Phillip Hiku on December 6, 2018

    400+ Dislikes from people that can cook better than this man…………NOT

  • Benji Berigan on December 6, 2018

    spank me daddy

  • Mickey Stars on December 6, 2018

    I fired the guy.

  • Aurel Novac on December 6, 2018

    Amazing !

  • Winston Smith on December 6, 2018

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  • Litemkhumla Oungh on December 6, 2018

    I wish I am one of your family member… My besties chef …

  • Zephaniah Onchiri on December 6, 2018

    i am coming.

  • Starscreamer XD on December 6, 2018

    Ramsay your pork is still raw… I need to change how you cook

  • James Jeffries on December 6, 2018

    Chef Ramsay I have to admit something. I'm a bit afraid of star anise because it's such a strong flavor. I don't want to use it and then have someone not like my dish, especially since it's so damn expensive.

  • Lacie Pankey on December 6, 2018

    I love that you involve your kids! Best kind of family bonding ❤

  • Jeno Tamas on December 6, 2018

    Turn it 90 not 180, Math wasn’t Gordon’s strength

  • dee exx on December 6, 2018

    this video is 100% Halal

  • Xtatic on December 6, 2018

    Gordon you're not a chef you don't even realize you're cross contaminating everything ….yuck. shame on you I feel sorry for your family they probably get sick constantly.

  • Pero Perić on December 6, 2018

    woooow now I've finally learned how to properly slice the pepper ….NOT! …. what a bullshit…

  • HUNdAntae on December 6, 2018

    If i'd go out with Meg, i'd randomly show up with a bag of ingredients and a cube of brewski like "Hey, Gordon mate! I was thinking about this thing…" and spend the next 3 hrs in the kitchen.

  • epicsnail14 on December 6, 2018

    Gordon's daughter is unbelievably annoying

  • Kevin John on December 6, 2018

    How prepare pork:

    1) Remove from packaging.
    2) Toss In garbage
    3) Eat something else that doesn’t contain muscular/joint debilitating Trichyna larvae that millions think is arthritis or bursitis when it’s really PORKITIS, toxins, and high levels of sodium and cholesterol

    4) Praise God for His wisdom in Leviticus 11 concerning dietary laws regarding clean and unclean animals which our beloved Saviour’s death on the Cross DID NOT eliminate – they caused disease then and still do today because an Israeli stomach is no different than every other.

  • Jerome Computer on December 6, 2018

    not well cook

  • James Houston on December 6, 2018

    Three finger method. My wife's favourite:)

  • Kml Kr on December 6, 2018

    I am vegetation

  • Yuko Mattingly on December 6, 2018

    I just read his Wikipedia, his father was an abusive alcoholic. That explains about his hot temper and he is an adult children of alcoholic. He seems to be a nice father though……….. He said "Good girl" a few times to his daughter. I guess he can't be nice to everyone but I can't watch his TV shows, his hot temper makes me uncomfortable, or is that just a TV show??

  • limboo basant on December 6, 2018

    Well he loves his daughter so much or is it just in the screen ?

  • shawn gardner on December 6, 2018

    16:36 you said it yourself Gordan

    someone get a soundbite of that please

  • Ike the ranter on December 6, 2018

    So many ingredients, how bout doing stuff with just say, 3 that us regular dummies might have.

  • maristv ordeniza on December 6, 2018

    Is Gordon left handed? 🤔

  • Emmanuele Capuno on December 6, 2018

    Don't tell Mum 😏

  • welshbeauty100 on December 6, 2018

    I Tried the pork loin with lemon zest, done exactly what gorden said but the pork was still pink in the middle, so I had to give it another 10-15 mins, maybe his oven was hotter or maybe I wrapped it to tight? Trial and error 👍

  • RTD on December 6, 2018

    Great video…thanks for all the cool closeups!!!

  • James Foo on December 6, 2018

    Totally respect Gordan's cooking techniques and advice he gives, but 11:08 – that is not crispy crackling 🙁

  • Andreas Ndres on December 6, 2018
  • Cpuid on December 6, 2018


  • Riana Oria on December 6, 2018

    Ga pake micin?

  • ForeverOfTheStars on December 6, 2018

    I don't know who does the filming/editing but they need to learn how to zoom out.