• @matewansid on June 11, 2024

    Cynical, despicable and inhuman.

  • @teresamangum1734 on June 11, 2024

    For what 50 years of charity.

  • @einherjar8585 on June 11, 2024

    Natenyahu/IDF are no better. I find it difficult to be morally outraged about Oct 7 and to not be equally outraged at mass civilian casualties in Gaza. Both are crimes. Both detestable and without honor. Both depraved and evil. Both beneath contempt.

  • @katrinalucia4937 on June 11, 2024

    What did you think that Hammas did Oct 7 because they wanted peace ?

  • @thejoker6111 on June 11, 2024

    You pay from your tax usa to help
    Israel 😍

  • @DanielWayShadow on June 11, 2024

    Hammas targets civilians as a form of asynchronous guerilla warfare strategy. Netanyahu promotes not an eye for an eye but 50 eyes for an eye. So much low quality humanity on all sides. There is no clear moral high ground today. 😮😢

  • @johnbroderick9512 on June 11, 2024

    Record numbers of restaurants, stores, businesses closing every month. Spending money you don't have causes debt, government printing and Spending causes inflation. People are spending average of 10k more a year for basics pre- biden. Bidens inflation reduction act was just giving more money to big pharmacy. Spending more causing more inflation. Nothing is built back better

  • @pereldh5741 on June 11, 2024

    Sinwar do have the unmistakable look of a Monster.

  • @ccccarriemchardy9216 on June 11, 2024

    Alas it will breed a new generation of hate.

  • @user-od2qi8zr3d on June 11, 2024

    Palestinians, if you really want peace and rebuild the country, DENOUNCE Hamas!

  • @whiterosesforthebrideofchrist on June 11, 2024

    Also, tomorrows headline today:
    Zechariah 14:2, "For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city."

    As you know, "Israel" is the name of a man (Jacob, see Genesis 32:28).
    Israel called two of his 12 sons (Simon and Levi) "instruments of cruelty" in Genesis 49:5 because they had slaughtered a whole family because their sister had been raped.

    What Israel said to Simon and Levi applies to the situation today. Israel said, "Ye have troubled me to make me to stink among the inhabitants of the land…" Genesis 34:30.
    The overreaction and cruelty of the tribe of Simon and Levi today is causing Israel to stink among the nations of the earth.

  • @HashknightGaming on June 11, 2024

    Israel shouldn't be hitting civilian targets, I see a few monsters in the comments section saying the human beings being used as human shields don't matter you need Jesus and I am not even a religious person in the least but y'all need Jesus.

  • @ahmadbhatti4875 on June 11, 2024

    WSJ reports says it all. You guys also said thet ezzy khostages are being raiiyped many times a day, but the other day the girly!-ezzy-khostage was found very well-fed and not raiyped. Explain me this

  • @techhawk1543 on June 11, 2024

    How does the WSJ have direct contact with Sinwar , total BS !

  • @TheNecessaryEvil on June 11, 2024

    Why should I care about a thousands year old blood feud

  • @user-od2qi8zr3d on June 11, 2024

    Why should American or the West care?
    -Beside the West and American weapons, Hamas could be Assad from Syria to invite Russians to protect them.
    Why should America and the West support Israel?
    -Suez canal, Oil , Arab controls …

  • @greglewis1084 on June 11, 2024

    They dont know where Sinwar is on the Gaza strip. But they have a leak??? Im confused

  • @benqurayza7872 on June 11, 2024

    Hamas brags that the Jews love life and that they, Hamas, love death.

  • @3asyrider75 on June 11, 2024

    Wow Hanms only care about their political agenda not human lives. What a disgrace! And they consider themselves godly men?

  • @seanmccartney5177 on June 11, 2024

    Hamas SUX

  • @star13495 on June 11, 2024

    In what world do we live in when terrorists have rights. 😞

  • @ABStuff on June 11, 2024

    I am sorry, is Sinwar the one who is dropping the 2000 lb bombs on hospitals, schools, and refugee tents to kill tens of thousands of children? How dumb do you think your viewers are?

  • @REALTRUTH2525 on June 11, 2024

    🤔 A terrorist admits the fact that he uses Palestinians as human shields benefits their cause.

  • @rickpontificates3406 on June 11, 2024

    SINCE WHEN is TERRORIST HAMAS concerned about "civilians"? They murder Israelis and use their own people as human shields

  • @punchthem4582 on June 11, 2024

    And CNN and this corrupt white house suck up and believe every single lie Hamas has ever told and the bad part is they know it.

  • @viveshanphillips8061 on June 11, 2024

    America and Israel are terrorist states… Fact

  • @thephantom365 on June 11, 2024

    Lies and propaganda as usual Israel disinformation carried out by cnn and other news media is so shameful what these reporters have to do for money and to secure a job, the media as been bought by aipac,you are the same people who spoke of babies in ovens and beheaded babies lies lies lies do some real journalism like aljazeera 🙏🏿if Hamas was such fanatical terrorists how come those rescued hostages look so well kept, we would expect skin and bones and badly beaten your lies are being laid bare please give us real news and not biased Israel’s fed news🙏🏿war crimes and Geneva convention violations have been committed constantly by the idf why won’t you address those issues,why are the illegal settlers killing the Palestinians in the west bank while Israeli forces stand by and watch or join in

  • @Hardcastle391 on June 11, 2024

    Free Israel..

  • @samer.4660 on June 11, 2024

    When hamas did say that stop lying

  • @crs1474 on June 11, 2024

    They should make it a requirement that it needs to be signed in person by Sinwar.

  • @zacksdz on June 11, 2024

    The world believe in what they see and they see children and women's horrifically killed by an institutionalised mafia named Israel.

  • @sathyem540 on June 11, 2024

    Hamas is out of their mind.

  • @DavidMiller-ip7gk on June 11, 2024

    You can’t trust the Wall Street Journal or CNN or the New York Times you guys are all propaganda machines I don’t believe the thing you’re saying and everything is probably taken out of context

  • @DavidMiller-ip7gk on June 11, 2024

    A protracted occupation of Gazza there should be no occupation of God

  • @breadman6223 on June 11, 2024

    Israel said what they said they were going to do.

  • @andayak7488 on June 11, 2024

    Hamas does not want peace for sure. Now what is international community will do? All along Hamas has been using Palestinians as human shields and did not care for civilians .

  • @samsunnahar9175 on June 11, 2024


  • @royokello on June 11, 2024

    bro, what? we need receipts on those messages. they already accepted. American Empire is trying to control narrative and failing 😂

  • @davidbeare730 on June 11, 2024

    Civilian casualties are necessary???!!!! How long has the media been posting unqualified HAMAS casualty reports? How much have they contributed to global anti-semitism?

  • @wreckinbal on June 11, 2024

    It’s almost like they use civilians as human shields to instigate sympathy from the west and to create more hate against Israel domestically on purpose.