How to Create a Facebook Like Popup in WordPress with OptinMonster ctm magazine

**OptinMonster has been updated since this video**

Popups when abused can be bad for your site’s traffic, but limited popups can be helpful. One such popup would be to share your Facebook page. In this video, we will show you how to create a facebook like popup in WordPress.

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Text version of this tutorial:

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Summary of this Tutorial:

This video shows a premium plugin which will require you to purchase the plugin.

Start by ensuring you are using a pro license or higher.

Then click on the addons tab to find,install, and activate the canvas addon

Now go to OptinMonster overview and click add new.

Add the campaign title and use the whiteboard theme under the canvas type.

Go to the Facebook developer site to create the box for your site.

When you have it set how you like click get code and copy the iframe code.

Go back to the Optin page and paste teh code in the custom html field.

You can resize the optin to remove some whitespace.

Change the Optin success message and ensure your output is enabled.

You can choose where to load it or globally then save and exit when you are finished.

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