How to Grow Rosemary | IN BETH’S GARDEN

How to Grow Rosemary | IN BETH’S GARDEN

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  • Queen of slime on January 31, 2020

    My name is Rosemary

  • Cristina Cueto on January 31, 2020

    Hello..Mam to buy to have a rosemary plant…Can I have one pls..

  • Alex Johnson on January 31, 2020

    Wow, i never knew rosemary grew that big…

  • navtomás gardéner on January 31, 2020

    Rosemary smells like Luke Olympus pine trees. You can water once to two times week.

  • Ken Johnston on January 31, 2020

    Great with Meat! Keto diet and Rosemary!

  • Candice Mallick on January 31, 2020

    Beth can you make a video on growing lavender?

  • Terrence Lowe on January 31, 2020

    I'm trying to grow rosemary and its dying! I'm really upset ? think I over watered it and I tried to let it dry out but it's not working… I think I'm giving up. Some people just can't grow plants I guess.

  • Men Bu Nigo on January 31, 2020

    How is this a “how to grow rosemary?”

  • Rejected Letters on January 31, 2020

    I just started cooking with fresh Rosemary (instead of the dried kind) and oh-my-God! What a freaking difference! I will never go back to dry Rosemary! I love the smell in all my dishes!

  • Tammy Ko on January 31, 2020

    Beth!! Please do more garden videos ? I love them all!!!

  • fox hunter on January 31, 2020

    Whats an 'erb' that you keep mentioning?

  • jankleygarcia9 on January 31, 2020

    …it didnt really say how to grow rosemary..

  • Rochelle Vytingco on January 31, 2020

    I have a plant but I don't know if it's rosemary.

  • Kaleb Aaron on January 31, 2020

    Could you show us how to dry herbs? 🙂

  • br3wskee on January 31, 2020

    5 years???

  • rosemary extract

  • 6/5000
    Rosemary extract Staherb Natural Ingredients

  • Zeldaar Mernaych on January 31, 2020

    Video title is misleading.

  • meenakshi on January 31, 2020

    I love rosemary… Iam from kerala, (India). Thanx for ur information about how to grow rosemary. Thank u thank u very much

  • YaMoonSun on January 31, 2020

    Fertilized mine too much and it kicked the bucket.

  • Confused GamerGirl on January 31, 2020

    Super helpful! Thankyou ??

  • Mayomi on January 31, 2020

    Can u help me my rosemary dried out what did i do wrong i watered it everyday

  • HeaveUp channel on January 31, 2020

    I just come accross to your channel today, and all I can say is I enjoy watching your video and got a tips on how to grow rosemary thanks for sharing this. New subscriber here.

  • Jojo’s Caribbean Cuisine on January 31, 2020

    Love your garden Beth! I have a garden at home, and that's my relaxation. I use the herbs to make tea…

  • Aundre Minto on January 31, 2020

    your awesome beth

  • ClintWestmetal88 on January 31, 2020

    Why can Americans not say 'herbs' correctly?

  • jplobotomy on January 31, 2020

    i had rosemary growing randomly in one of my pots.

  • Mary Guillory on January 31, 2020

    Exactly thats true it didn't say nothing how to grow it and yes l have tried everything l had buy the litle christmas trees (rosemary) of course plants from a nursery l lost the count of how many rosemary l have buy but well is a waist of tine???

  • alondrae143 on January 31, 2020

    Rosemary is so super hearty and here in California it grows so wildly and easily I don't think most people know what it is; they probably think its a giant weed lol! Here theres a giant hedge in front of our KFC, and theres a bunch of MASSIVE plants scattered across a trail that I walk my dog through. No need to buy at the store when its so abundant in my city. 🙂

  • khricket on January 31, 2020

    why do americans say herbs weirdly?

  • Kevin Bolsajian on January 31, 2020

    You deserve way more subs

  • MettePeleikis on January 31, 2020

    This channel gives me life! I can't wait to have a garden where I can put all of these tips to use! Thank you so much for making these relaxing and helpful videos, Beth! Much love from Denmark!

  • Purification Detoxification on January 31, 2020

    do bees like it?

  • 9aspengold5 on January 31, 2020

    We were totally surprised yesterday when we went into the garden to see that my Rosemary plant had survived the winter and is growing like a weed. I never believed it would actually survive the cold winter. Yeah! I have Rosemary.

  • Witch Please! on January 31, 2020

    Beth, where did you find those gorgeous gilded shears?!

  • holy fuck i love ur rosemary hedge i need one of those :3

  • ALI HUSSEIN on January 31, 2020

    Thanks for all your great and very informative videos. I was happy to subscribe instantly .

  • maria64elena on January 31, 2020

    How often do you water the plant? And what is the type of soil do you use?

  • Rise Wine & Dine on January 31, 2020

    Loved this video Beth! Thx ??

  • Om Livin' on January 31, 2020

    great video, loved the recipe and can't wait to try it!

  • Kyle Peng on January 31, 2020

    I can't find any Rosemary cuttings

    What do I do!

    Or am I looking in the wrong store?

  • María Paz Domínguez on January 31, 2020

    Hi Beth,
    I am a huge fun of herbs and was so happy to find your youtube channel on gardening.

    I live in a NYC apartment, which means no backyards, however I am growing some basil in a pot and so far so good. Can I combine other herbs to grow in the same pot? Have you done videos on how to grow herbs inside an apartment? I need ideas on how to grow herbs and make them look stylish in the apartment since they will be exposed to the public.

    Thank you in advanced for taking time to read, and hopefully answer my post.

    Ma. Paz xo

  • fNeLHaLibE on January 31, 2020

    My indoor rosemary stem/leaves are turning brown. Not sure if it was overwatered or too little. As the instruction said 2 inches of water. I change out the water everyday. Would it be better for me to replant it outside?

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