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How to Make Falafel – Crispy Fried Garbanzo Bean/Chickpea Fritter Recipe

How to Make Falafel – Crispy Fried Garbanzo Bean/Chickpea Fritter Recipe

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Learn how to make Falafel! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Falafel recipe!



  • Jade Alexander on August 8, 2019

    "So if you want to make this today, make sure you do this step yesterday." 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Arlene Tomkins on August 8, 2019

    The amounts of the other ingredients would be helpful ..

  • Johan Löppönen on August 8, 2019

    I tried to do these! BUT! My falafels disolved into the oil after 5min.. oil was rolling hot. Is the texture key on this? Mine was kinda paste

  • Rose of Qatif on August 8, 2019

    thank for the recipe chef john. the flour trick is new to me… did u know that people here (in the middle east) add a some baking powder right before frying?!

  • Willi Hansen on August 8, 2019

    Can you do this with tinned chickpeas?

  • Dream catcher on August 8, 2019

    Which flour is used?

  • Diana Y Fazil on August 8, 2019

    You are amazing!

  • withlovescarleny on August 8, 2019

    So helpful! And the dad joke at the end haha

  • Richard Robertson on August 8, 2019

    This is the second video I've seen from this channel, the first one I watched about 6 months ago. As I start this one, the voice is familiar but I'm not sure, but then it hits me that I've seen this channel before, then suddenly I'm laughing, the way he talks, reminds me of the other video I saw, and how much I loved that one, and I'm overjoyed and laughing just at the first 15 seconds of this video xD

  • MrRockfish01 on August 8, 2019

    Can I use an air fryer 🤔

  • Diane Greene on August 8, 2019

    And finish with a strip of pickled eggplant.

  • Nick Monti on August 8, 2019

    I love Chef John

  • Sylvie Saint-Alby-Hyeme on August 8, 2019

    such a comforting voice 🙂

  • CharlotEYUT on August 8, 2019


  • Genoveva7780 on August 8, 2019

    Please use close captions, you are to focus on keeping a fake tone of voice, and rather hard to understand. PLEASE!

  • Jennifer on August 8, 2019

    I love the narrative, thanks for creating this video!

  • Gradius G on August 8, 2019

    ♪ Oooooh baby…
    You make my world go roooou-ound.
    When you scrape for the crisp sound ♪

  • R Chandard on August 8, 2019


  • OG on August 8, 2019

    That’s right, Jay.

  • Martin Brenmann on August 8, 2019

    Baking Falafel is much healthier than frying them.

  • Black Road on August 8, 2019