Irish Shepherd’s Pie – Classic Shepherd Pie for St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Shepherd’s Pie – Classic Shepherd Pie for St. Patrick’s Day

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Learn how to make an Irish Shepherd’s Pie! – Visit for the ingredients, more recipe information, and over 675 additional original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Irish Shepherd’s Pie recipe!


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  • Papwithanhatchet on February 5, 2020

    Rustic is nicer looking to me.

  • Leandro Garanhani on February 5, 2020

    It is like 'escondidinho de carne seca' in Brasil(brazil)!

  • Jon C on February 5, 2020

    I love shepherd's pie! thanks, … oh yeah!

  • Gordon Brennan on February 5, 2020

    Nice recipe gordo in Dublin ?? john

  • Carrie Smith on February 5, 2020

    Greetings from Ireland

  • K C on February 5, 2020

    Puh-tay-tuhs lol

  • John Gallagher on February 5, 2020

    Definitely gonna try this recipe. I love lamb and I dont think I've ever tried shepherds pie with lamb. As you can tell from my last name this video is def Irish approved ???

  • Jeff Sipes on February 5, 2020

    Looks fantastic…

  • Breas on February 5, 2020

    Nobody eats this in Ireland on St Patrick's Day?

  • 3djooboy on February 5, 2020

    HALLELUJAH! Shepherd's pie with LAMB!

  • Валари Петровский on February 5, 2020

    Yum i want some.

  • Curtis Arnold on February 5, 2020

    My mother called it hamburger pie when you use beef

  • SuperCookieGaming on February 5, 2020

    I think it would be called rancher’s pie if it was made with beef. cowboys just moved the cows while ranchers raise them.

  • Rabbit Ranger on February 5, 2020

    Thank Christ you used lamb!!!!!

  • charcounsel on February 5, 2020

    Thank you!!! Shepard's Pie is made with lamb.
    I enjoy both Scottish and New Zealand.
    I dislike American raised lamb. It is too gamey tasting.
    I grind my own from a leg of lamb.

  • Eugene Portnoy on February 5, 2020

    Great, great recipe.
    After I try one time, fallow all instruction, this dish number 1 In my family.
    Thank you very much Chef Jonson, and of course I subscribe on your channel.

  • Brian Earner on February 5, 2020

    This violent voice

  • Joe Young on February 5, 2020

    that looks delicious but let's be honest, do shepards really have time to stand around the pasture making pies?

  • Hunter Fairhall Kirkman on February 5, 2020


  • Nomadison Cole on February 5, 2020

    I did not get the fawn! What did I do wrong?

  • David Watkins on February 5, 2020

    Recently, you put some kinda shit out, you'd lost your voice, it was so much more "palletable" look man, "cook" don't speak, no one gives a flying fuck about your mother.

  • Pancha Pistolas on February 5, 2020

    What would it be called if it was made with ground turkey?

  • Joseph Simone on February 5, 2020

    I used to not like his voice, but now I know it's just from the joy he takes in cooking

  • Paul Gibbons on February 5, 2020

    Cinnamon? Eh ???

  • Robin Redbreast on February 5, 2020

    His voice sounds great unless video. I wonder if this voice change because of some illness? This is a great video.

  • Andrew Cooper on February 5, 2020

    No such thing as Irish Shepard's pie , it's a traditional English dish. Stop trying to steak our heritage you idiot

  • Jess D.Lea on February 5, 2020

    Made this tonight for the first time and, besides my self-doubt, it was a lot of fun! Turned out awesomely to the point where my family had almost all of it I was left with a lil' baby slice. That cinnamon tough is interesting! Kinda like it. And amen for paprika, and then more paprika. Can't get enough of the stuff.

  • Vilkare Lyor on February 5, 2020

    Imma bake these tonight. But with mushrooms as well. Thanks 😛

  • triadwarfare on February 5, 2020

    Ground lamb: Error 404: does not exist.

    Sorry, I have to use beef. At least it's not pork

  • Taurino Bear on February 5, 2020

    Ive made Shepards Pie with Venison once. It was amazing ????

  • mattias fäldt on February 5, 2020

    sweden loves potatos to.

  • Padge Padgham on February 5, 2020

    Excellent ?

  • M G on February 5, 2020

    Easy pizy n tasty

  • Orange OwL on February 5, 2020

    The lack of Worcestershire sauce is sacrilegious. More cheese on top please. Ketchup goes as a condiment. Corn is a nice addition for a change from time to time, as is a bit of garlic.

  • B M-Y on February 5, 2020

    This is comfort food. My grandpa loves this and I always make it for him but I use beef.

  • Joseph N. Pollaro on February 5, 2020

    Is there a happy you skipped the mutton. But today they seem to make it with beef.

  • Joan DelUr on February 5, 2020

    could not be classic irish pie with ketchup!!!!

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