Jesse Watters: Biden is going to have to save his son webfi


  • @frankczajka2014 on June 11, 2024

    I'm so proud the man he is today. The bar for being a man has reached a all time low.

  • @johngreene6780 on June 11, 2024

    Big guy next

  • @Janetlovesholly on June 11, 2024

    Hunter will get away with a light sentence because the Biden's get away with everything but yet what they've done to Donald Trump which is innocent

  • @sygnetmeaman9933 on June 11, 2024

    FJB maliciously called Pres Trump as a “felon”!!! Karma struck, so now we can call FJB as the “proud father of a convicted felon and a drug addict and a tax cheat !!! PAUSE!!!

  • @fleurettespreen on June 11, 2024

    He will pardon him on his last days in office after all his money is safe over seas

  • @santiagoabalos7564 on June 11, 2024

    Great commentary Jesse! 🇺🇸

  • @recurvearcher6542 on June 11, 2024

    Fox should be rightly proud of Mr Watters, he graciously pointed out when you break the law, the judicial system will find you guilty by a court with a jury.
    If we apply this to Mr Trump I'm sure he would absolutely agree with conviction that's the law and it applies to everyone.
    Sadly Mr Watters continues to disappoint for his failure to represent true journalism in this country.

  • @user-ue8vp5fx4c on June 11, 2024

    In a world where," everything is within the law so long as you don't get caught ," the only thing Hunter Biden did wrong was tell on himself.

  • @user-sn3ch4mt4i on June 11, 2024

    Oh, he will save his son.
    In light of the people Trump pardoned before he himself was a convicted felon, Biden MUST pardon his only surviving son.
    Biden is not God who loves the world so much that he can sacrifice Hunter, only son.

  • @Harvia22 on June 11, 2024

    MAGA by getting rid of the old men for president. They need to be solely in the Flat Tire Club and stay there. Talking about TRUMP & BIDEN. Step down old folks. Nikki Haley stand by.

  • @gailatkinson3645 on June 11, 2024

    Biden says once again we can use F15, maybe we can borrow some from Afghanistan where you left them 3 and a half years ago oatmeal brain 🧠

  • @seankerwin5346 on June 11, 2024

    Not going to pardon till the tax evasion case. Once found guilty then daddy will pardon if not hunter will flip on the “ big guy”. To many big wigs are tied into the biden crime family. I dont think it will be by biden but if no pardon and hunter might flip there might be another case of the cameras not working guards falling asleep and a suicide happens again. I think Biden loves his son, but that wont matter to the people biden has to answer to. His partners and all those paid off that dont want to go to jail.

  • @johnstraub7494 on June 11, 2024

    Actually, you could own a cannon back then. And you can buy one now.

  • @tokkikim6871 on June 11, 2024

    When is Joe going to be held liable for receiving over 17 millions from various countries?

  • @scottp3287 on June 11, 2024

    Sometimes I think Joey is the one smoking crk .

  • @justin_feagans on June 11, 2024

    Joe Bidens handlers: " Threaten to bomb your own country with F15's" Joe Biden: "I made a dookie in my diaper"

  • @ralphalter3621 on June 11, 2024


  • @apache_navi8114 on June 11, 2024


  • @davidschaadt3460 on June 11, 2024

    Sue S&W

  • @jeff9934 on June 11, 2024

    If Biden gets no jail, and trump does!! Add millions more votes!!

  • @MultiunitRealestate on June 11, 2024

    So Trumpers… agree the legal system does work right……right…….right?

  • @davidsymonds7730 on June 11, 2024

    I can hardly wait for November 5th. Trump 2024.

  • @lightningdriver81 on June 11, 2024

    No fan of the Big Guy’s kid, but that firearm form is basically an unconstitutional device.

  • @javtimestwo on June 11, 2024

    Biden's statement was showing much respect from the rule of law. There was no whining at all. There wasn't any claim that his family is perfect. Now that Hunter has been found guilty the far right continues to peddle theories without any facts.

  • @cookingforme4711 on June 11, 2024

    Hunter's a loser just like his Dad. A real chip off the old block. Joe married the babysitter, sniffs little kids and showers, well let's not go there. Maybe he'll be eaten by a crocodile while singing in the choir at a black church ceremony for Nelson while cannibals patiently await any scraps.

  • @CalebTrask on June 11, 2024

    You're a nitwit, Jessie.

  • @Abdikadirmahamedfarah on June 11, 2024

    Jesse watters we love you,we the people,we love trump,trump2024WH ❤❤❤❤❤

  • @lesspressx on June 11, 2024

    Breaking news: THE LAPTOP IS REAL! Wasn't that election interference on a hugest scale than Trump's NDA?
    What about the 5% for the Big rotten, slug?

  • @jamalshamah7280 on June 11, 2024

    So hunter is a lifetime victim 😂

  • @carlyzhang2167 on June 11, 2024

    It doesn’t matter if he saves his son but as Trump said he tries to save himself who did worse crime