Lentil Salad Recipe | Bon Appetit

Lentil Salad Recipe | Bon Appetit

I’ve made this so many damn times and don’t plan on stopping. It’s completely satisfying as a meal in a way salads usually are not for me. And it really does keep getting better. No lies detected. I actually prefer this with curly kale. Just roughly rip it up into the bowl. Otherwise, I make it exactly as directed and it has never failed me.


This salad was recommended to me by my sister and I’m happy she did! Even my salad-loathing boyfriend loved it and went for seconds. It’s crunchy, onion-y, fresh, nutty, healthy, delicious, and super easy to mix up based on what you have! I added tomatoes, cooked chard instead of kale, zucchini, spring beans and left out spring onions (didn’t have it around). It still tasted very much like the original recipe my sister made. Amazing!!

AnonymousThe Netherlands09/13/20

So delicious – even my lentil-skeptic husband loved this dish. I diced a couple of carrots and threw them into the pot to cook with the lentils about halfway through. I used the wrong type of kale and olives, and slivered almonds instead of raw, based on what I had. The only thing I’d do differently would be to reduce the salt. I salted pretty heavily at each step and it’s a bit much.

AnonymousVallejo, CA08/25/20

Ditto to the complimentary comments from everyone else. This is one of the crunchiest, flavorful salads I’ve ever tasted. The nut/spicy oil mix is divine and addictive. It’s a “flavorite” and a keeper; thanks!

AnonymousMarietta GA08/03/20

The dressing is what really makes this salad great. I didn’t have cumin seeds and subbed about 1/2 tsp ground cumin, but I’m sure it would be better as written. I also did not have kale, so swapped in thinly sliced Brussels sprouts and little chopped celery. I also added some cooked farro because I love the combination of farro and lentils. Delicious despite all my changes.


Delicious! Would love to have the nutritional information. Nice healthy filling lunch. Love the spice and crunch!

AnonymousWashington DC07/27/20

One of my staple recipes. I love this! Honestly does just keep getting better, and great to make ahead for entertaining. The only substitution I did was using pre-roasted almonds directly in the salad because that is what I had on hand, and it turned out great. I also love to use this on top of hummus toast. Delicious! Can’t recommend it enough.


What a great salad. Interesting flavors. We cut oil back to 1/4 cup.

clshimer598697Durham, NC06/19/20

– [ ] Delicious, and really different! I added a package of tempeh, cubed small and browned in a little bit of olive oil. Also omitted the 1/2 t salt it called for on the advice of other commenters, which worked well. My package of feta (I used goat feta, for lower lactose) was ~7 oz.; I should have just used the whole think, instead of measuring out exactly 5. Next time!

Nori HeikkinenSeattle, WA06/09/20

Delicious, and really different! I added a package of tempeh, cubed small and browned in a little bit of olive oil. Also omitted the 1/2 t salt it called for on the advice of other commenters, which worked well. My package of feta (I used goat feta, for lower lactose) was ~7 oz.; I should have used the entire thing instead of measuring out exactly 5. Next time!

AnonymousSeattle, WA06/09/20



Professional chef here – easily one of the best salads I’ve had. Odd to crave a salad (not impossible, just unusual) but we crave this one. We make it at least once a week and use it in several different ways. Great work BA!!!

pschefBaltimore, MD05/20/20

I am not a salad person, but I am OBSESSED with this salad. The flavor is amazing and can easily be tweaked for whatever you have on hand. I used pickled onions instead of olives and it was delicious.


Nice variation on the typical brown lentil salad. I wasn’t sold out of the gate, especially by the copious amount of oil, but after 24 hours, once the flavors of the salad marry, it is delicious and craveable.

KTS31Madison, WI05/18/20

So good! Couldn’t find fresh kale so subbed with spinach. The oil is delicious and you could go a thousand different ways with this recipe; add capers, different leafy veg, different herbs. Definitely a keeper!


Absolutely amazing! I used French lentils. Did not have olive sin hand. But still came out so good. And continued to get better and better. Recommend it and will add to my recipes!

jessicaolBrooklyn, NY05/15/20

Very delicious but be careful of how much salt you use in each element! It adds up fast and then with salty olives and feta at the end, it can get crazy-salty very fast.


This was absolutely delicious. Way better than one could expect from the humble lentil. The dressing is genius – an absolute burst of complex savory flavors. My only problem is that it was way too salty. I lightly salted in all places suggested. I cooked me lentils in salted water per instructions but didn’t rinse when done (though did drain well). When I tossed it all together it nearly burned my tongue with salt. I ended up making more lentils and adding some shredded carrot to dilute it. I will definitely make again but I’ll skip the salted water.

Boston, MA04/25/20

Very good.


Delicious, and easy to put together but still sophisticated-tasting. I followed the recipe exactly except I used curly kale (couldn’t get Tuscan) and kalamata olives marinated in olive oil and oregano instead of Castelvetrano, and I added some fresh parsley that I needed to use. I’ll probably squeeze some more lemon on it when I eat it again tomorrow – it could use a bit more brightness to cut through the rich, garlicky oil.

AnonymousBroomfield, CO04/18/20

This was delicious, and as promised, it was even better on day three. I had to make some substitutions because it’s hard to get all the right ingredients in the age of coronavirus. I used curly kale instead of Tuscan, walnuts instead of almonds, and a mix of Castelvetrano and other green olives. Otherwise I followed the recipe exactly with great results.

AnonymousLos Angeles, CA04/05/20

My partner made a face when I told him we were having kale and lentil salad for dinner, but he is now a convert ! Amazing recipe, so easy, low effort and quick to put together. I replaced the feta with lupini beans (which accidentally made it vegan), and omitted the cumin because I was all out (and social distancing means no last minute shop trips!). I absolutely love this salad, and I don’t even like Kale!

Isabel helloMontreal, QC03/30/20

The best! Love it with a fried egg on top.


make this immediately. i make every other week at this point. delish!

Anonymousmassachusetts 03/28/20

Love this recipe. This something that I make often as it yields a few meals! One time, I ran out of lentils but had some canned chickpeas. Pan fried them in a little olive oil with a touch of salt and it was a hit! Would 100% recommend!

AnonymousCincinnati, OH03/12/20


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