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‘Malcolm Nance HUMILIATES Trump As Manafort Hearing DROP A BOMBSHELL For Him Over Russia Collusion

‘Malcolm Nance HUMILIATES Trump As Manafort Hearing DROP A BOMBSHELL For Him Over Russia Collusion

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  • Bruce Terhune on February 11, 2019

    More unfounded crap. Dems deal in rumors, lies, false accusations. They just don't t get it. Massive rally to support Trump overshadows mini gathering for what's his name. Tens of thousands of supporters for MAGA and Finish the Wall rally. These Dems are so very bitter over Trump's continuous winning, winning and more winning. All they can do is throw out venomous words and super hate filled blathering!!! I'm glad I'm a Conservative and not not an unhappy hate filled narrow minded mental midget Lib!!!

  • Russell Eads on February 11, 2019

    LMFAO, you foolish demoncrats!

  • Zelma Alcalde on February 11, 2019

    There has been none

  • Zelma Alcalde on February 11, 2019

    There was no Russian collusion. Only with Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill

  • Wanda Swart on February 11, 2019

    Reading these comments; it's really disheartening to see how divided Americans are. Donald will be gone soon, but how to mend the serious rift between the two parties? Such petty stuff!!! 😔

  • Jack Meoff on February 11, 2019

    Trumps back ground check! https://youtu.be/lEQBHeZqDIo?list=WL https://youtu.be/p5BLKKREIck?list=WL by British Intelligence. This is why the Muller investigation is still on going!

  • Kathy B on February 11, 2019

    Trump hates Warren because she’s the most vocal opponent of the whole corrupt system that created him

  • Real M on February 11, 2019

    ONLY the Deplorable think Trump is smart and hard working.

    In comparison to them, I guess he is.

  • Real M on February 11, 2019

    Let FBI stay at every exit and round up all the red hat wearing Deplorable.

  • FREEDOM GUARD on February 11, 2019

    Why Did Acosta Help Jeffrey Epstein Hide His Crimes?

    New York Magazine

    Nov 28, 2018 · A bombshell investigation from the Miami Herald reveals that Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta had

  • Will Givens on February 11, 2019

    I tell you what we need and that's a military coup remove this motherfuker and Pence and the rest of these participating in this racketeering operation is unfathomable although it is happening to have Congress and the Republican Party sit on their ass while this motherfuking traitor destroys and tears down everything that this country is supposed to stand for you so-called Patriots are unpatriotic to say the least

  • Viv Pace on February 11, 2019

    I am 'confident' the SC either already has the proof we need or is tapping all the right ppl to squeeze the naked truth out. Dt is chicken zhit to the SC, FBI, NSA, & CIA. Those guys can ALL flip into mobsters on a dime, even a bitcoin. Next year, 5 yrs out, our children and grands down to the 3rd and 4th generation are dependent on dt & his co-conspirators being stopped and hung out to dry.

  • Sara Heqet on February 11, 2019

    Notice that during the 30+day shut down Putin has moved swift and fast in Venezuela and in the artic with building a massive military base..and no one saw that one coming except of course Lumpy….with ww3 coming its time to stock up on everything you can prepare yourselves it will be a very bumpy ride thanks to the President of the United States

  • Lan Hughes on February 11, 2019

    The plot to destroy Democracy How Putin's and his spies are undermining American. And dismantling the Wes the plot to hack American t by Malcolm Nance and other books Disinformation by General Mihai Pacepa former spy Chief reveal secret strategies.for under mind freedom…attacks religious and promoting terrorism

  • Real M on February 11, 2019

    CIA/FBI, please remove this orange danger to America and humanity.

    We will remove the Deplorable danger to America and humanity. Permanently 🙂

  • Richard Baginski on February 11, 2019

    Chump will go down as the laziest, most moronic and useless presidential fraud to ever occupy the people's White House.
    Total POS!!

  • user_mac01 on February 11, 2019

    How smooth them crims must think tha they be.

  • Ji Li on February 11, 2019

    according to msm, the US should already be destroyed thousands of times due to these so-called "bombshells". But Trump is still the president. I can not believe people with average IQ will believe this shit

  • Jim Gibbons on February 11, 2019

    FAKE NEWS!!!

  • pica on February 11, 2019

    The unfortunate thing with Mr. Mueller's investigation is that much of the info/evidence may be TOP SECRET. Thus, it may not be prudent to make it public. The ORANGE IMBECILE is still in hot water, though.

  • Mike Cavallaro on February 11, 2019

    MSNBC…..CIA Network.

  • Richard English on February 11, 2019

    Thank you PUTIN we WON with TRUMP! We Won , crooked-hillary lost and she cheated ! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Jose Garcia on February 11, 2019

    Trump is the worst in the world😑

  • Ricardo Carranza on February 11, 2019

    Baby killer, communist, Islamists, criminals, Democrat party are domestic terrorists!!!

  • U-Dumb boy on February 11, 2019

    what's fake propaganda. The stupidity of MSNBC and CNN.

  • Paul Belardo on February 11, 2019

    This panel needs to take my advice for their Trump derangement syndrome that is go find yourself a big tree with a sturdy branch throw rope over it make a noose wrap it around your necks and hang yourself it will solve all your problems and it will help keep America great thank you and happy New Year

  • Dennis Gerald on February 11, 2019

    Mueller doesn't have to prove Anything. He knows everything and Trump knows his days are numbered. Trump will be hung for his crimes of treason and I hope they have Obama pull the rope.

  • caveatemptor313 on February 11, 2019

    Bless y'all's heart! He will be written into the history books as one of the greatest presidents in US history.

  • 40goingwest on February 11, 2019

    Malcolm Nance is a super uppity idiot.
    Ask yourself why he is not still doing all the things he brags about once doing for the government instead of being a guest on a propagandist talk shows?
    Think his smart ass attitude and his race has anything to do with it
    Simply a useful idiot that fills one of the toilet seats that people waste precious time watching instead of doing something useful.
    In the end he will pay just like all the others that are bringing down this country.
    They are praying for all of us to be in bread lines and work camps.
    Little do they know they will be first in line if the are not locked away or shipped out.
    8:15 or so
    Watch this program or others like it……have been programed to do what these said programs say to do. Hate hate hate lie lie lie
    Wah wah wah etc etc etc
    Boo who who wah wah wah
    Chris Matthews was Jimmy Carter's speech writer and right hand of complete ineptitude an unfortunate delusional error after error. One of the worst presidents this country ever had and let our centizens be held and tortured by the sorry ass Iranians for year without lifting a finger to do anything. Straight trash.

  • John Townsend on February 11, 2019

    trump insists time and again there’s no collusion. Now it is turning out that there wasn’t only collusion but a full-blown blatant conspiracy consorting with an adversarial foreign power … essentially a betrayal of the country, a treasonous act!. It's all over for trump, no question.

  • Ozetwo on February 11, 2019

    Maybe the House and the Senate should cut out the middle man and negotiate directly with Putin.

  • Bobby Nelson on February 11, 2019

    Hey Nance, this is America Not the fking Planet of the Apes movie. You fking DemoChimpanzee moron.

  • Shit, I wanna defend Trump but these comments are killing me.

  • Susan McClusky on February 11, 2019

    Get the thugs out of our White House and throw them in prison.

  • Amouzesh Fur on February 11, 2019

    the intelligence guy lays out a complelling case

  • Tom Crow on February 11, 2019

    Trump…once again and enthusiastically degrades our fallen Heros on the national stage with his lies…2 every minute actually …trump is the most unpatriotic president ever… like the Nazi party they are imitating the Republicans will go down in history for this treasonous president’s actions… The only thing the Senate Republicans lacked in the state of the Union speech was there high right hand or a Russian chant of approval…True Americans need to wake the hell up…What I heard was an open threat to America and a dog whistle to his base…”If the investigations don’t stop then he might start a war”…All I can say is…Go Nancy, Go Chuck and Go Muller

  • Ivan Shivolski on February 11, 2019

    Trump polls out today. 52% approval. That higher then Obama ever had. Even with your 100% negative fake news. That's a big middle finger to the fake news media.

  • joe dominguez on February 11, 2019

    Trump your next…

  • DBB Boot on February 11, 2019

    Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up! He is a TOTAL CON!

  • Kate White on February 11, 2019

    Criminals have limited intelligence. They must use brutality to win – which is all they care about. WINNING THE GAME Through BRUTALITY.

  • Diane Davidson on February 11, 2019

    Trump is delusional.

  • Tamara Lea on February 11, 2019

    He really understood what the Russian was saying when she asked her question,usually he says that he can’t understand what people with accents are saying. Maybe he’s spent some time in Russia? He was able to weed through that accent no problem!

  • Patricia Manzi on February 11, 2019

    Traitor Trump's family claimed they were from Sweden. The family came from Germany. His grandfather was a draft dodger just like Donny boy.

  • D He on February 11, 2019

    it's getting to not look like fake news people what are you going to do if it's real news. then what?

  • Levi Hawk on February 11, 2019

    Later identified Hell she is in jail right now.. That's a little more then identified !

  • Levi Hawk on February 11, 2019

    What do all Mob bosses have in common…They all have cold hearts with little to no sympathy for others outside of their family. Does that describe Trump to a T !