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Mastering French Omelette – inspired by Jacques Pepin | Christine Cushing

Mastering French Omelette – inspired by Jacques Pepin | Christine Cushing

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I show you my tricks on mastering the French omelette the way Jaques Pepin makes it, except I don’t use a non stick pan. I have made some of my own adaptations to the classic French omelette without using a fork or spatula to stir the eggs. In 5 minutes you will have a tender omelette that is baveuse (soft) in the centre, filled with some gruyere cheese and sprinkled with fresh chives. It’s a must try technique.

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  • Science-is-Truth on August 23, 2019

    Jacques whatever his name DID NOT INVENT THIS HE IS A FAKE.
    My mother showed me how to do this many years ago, and I can assure you she never heard of Jacques.
    What the hell is this do you think we are all IDIOTS, do you HONESTLY think that we believe that these recipes that have been cooked by mothers for centuries were all INVENTED BY FRENCHMEN.
    Just stop this LUNACY and say “ have you tried this recipe that your mother used to use, it is really good”.

  • Wu - lay Unysoul on August 23, 2019

    hmmm this lady is hooott

  • Govada Narendra on August 23, 2019

    everything straight to the point.bold beautiful lady.

  • Jean Mary QUADRA CULBERT. on August 23, 2019

    Tuesday, 20 August 2019.

    CEST: 11:52:40 Hrs.

    The music playing in the background is very irritating comes on and off.

  • Niraj Doshi on August 23, 2019

    Wow! The way you ‘basket’ those egg shells with your left hand 😘

  • socrates rivera on August 23, 2019

    size of pan is immaterial to us ,

  • socrates rivera on August 23, 2019

    making an omelet is peanut to us filipinos , we do it every morning name the shape we make make it

  • trynaru on August 23, 2019

    Looks raw.. 🙄

  • arshad Muhammad on August 23, 2019

    Very detailed thank you

  • Asad Sheikh on August 23, 2019

    Must say best and simplest omelette recipe.

  • GoHealthy78 on August 23, 2019

    Best omelette recipe I have come across. Last but not least, I am in love with you. You are a unique person. God bless.

  • sAnJ sHoW TiMe on August 23, 2019

    27 centi Meters 27 Meter is bigha then ya kitchen

  • Rus ridge on August 23, 2019

    Not so good.

  • Aiman Aisyah Aswad on August 23, 2019

    I love you, your charisma and passion explaining each step how to cook a meal!! Crystal clear~ enjoying your video. This is my first. Will be more

  • sd samuel on August 23, 2019

    H20 hmmm nope maybe a little bit of cream. But thats your style.

  • Zubair 93 on August 23, 2019

    Two things: why did you let the butter brown and why does a classic omelette has large curds?

  • Charles Keating on August 23, 2019

    She's pretty👍

  • Stephen Raatz on August 23, 2019

    I really appreciate your knowledge and ability to convey it to others. Explaining why you added salt, water and the special way you held the pan at the end was tre magnifique! What do you mean by a well seasoned pan? Thank you,

  • Harry Halvstiv on August 23, 2019

    You lady, and John 'food wishes' is the most best cooking-tube out here 🙂

  • Anirban Sarkar on August 23, 2019

    Even my maid servant make better Omlett than this .. Pathetic Angrezs

  • Bhuvan Tyagi on August 23, 2019

    Nice one 👍

  • Debjeet Majumdar on August 23, 2019


  • Amit Guleria on August 23, 2019

    Aap milf ho…par omtett bohot sahi banati ho ..luv u