My Happy Place VI: Thanksgiving | Chaz’s Journal

My Happy Place VI: Thanksgiving | Chaz’s Journal

Sculpture by Harold S. Dorsey


Chris Lautenslager, CEO of Prosperity Loop, LLC

I’ve learned over the years that for me the joy of sharing life with others provides my deepest sense of happiness. During normal times I would choose those experiences that allow me to connect with family and friends that I love.  

However, during this decidedly not-normal 2020 period of quasi-quarantine I can easily transition to my own personal happy place, riding my bike. 

I absolutely love riding my bike, whether down the verdant mountains of Colorado or along the vibrant lakefront in Chicago. 

The wonderment of a perfect summer day with the warm sun on my face or even the slight chill of autumn with a gentle breeze behind me contributes to my personal joy.

Biking reminds me of all that is good in the world. As I glide along I experience positive feelings and emotions as if I am taken back to my younger self reliving days filled with laughter and possibility. 

And I can’t underestimate the feelings of physical health and vitality I feel as I pedal along the roadway. I’d like to encourage everyone to explore this happiness opportunity for themselves. 

You don’t even need to own a bike, just hop on a Divvy or other rental bike service and give it a try. It’s well worth the ride.                                                          


Giò Crisafulli, Chief Entertainment Critic for NOIAFT and writer/director/producer at Zio Ciccio Cinema.

A happy place for me no matter the circumstance or mood has always been sharing a meal with others. An Italian meal has seven or eight consecutive stages: an aperitivo drink that opens the gastronomic senses; a small antipasto that gets the ball rolling with cheeses or very light meat, fish or bread; a plate of hot pasta or risotto; a plate of meat or seafood; leafy green salad to lend a helping hand to digestion; cheeses complimented by fruits and walnuts; a small dessert of either cake, custard, ice cream or cannoli; a small coffee, then a digestivo drink that brings us to a close. 


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