National Guard Members Flood the Capitol as Congress Votes to Impeach – Mother Jones

National Guard Members Flood the Capitol as Congress Votes to Impeach – Mother Jones

Gripas Yuri/ZUMA

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As the House convened to vote to impeach President Trump for a second time, surreal photos emerged on Wednesday revealing a Capitol flooded with National Guard troops on high alert after pro-Trump rioters unleashed violence on the Capitol last week. Striking images showed many sleeping on the floor ahead of the vote with their weapons close by—a chilling reminder of the recent violence that shook the nation to its core. 

Later, with Wednesday’s proceedings underway, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stood outside the Capitol building facing rows of National Guard members and thanked them for their service.

Today’s historic vote comes amid questions about safety at the Capitol, the failure of Capitol police to intervene in the riot, and the security of the upcoming inauguration. Democrats have also raised concerns about their own safety as some Republicans insist on bringing firearms to the building, while other Republicans have expressed concern for their safety if they vote to impeach.

Pelosi was also seen giving National Guard members challenge pins, a symbol of both commitment and camaraderie.


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