Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 1st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 1st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

The U.S. surpasses 200,000 coronavirus cases, Florida is the latest state to issue a stay-at-home order, and how to stay healthy when bringing home groceries.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:42 U.S. Cases Top 200,000 With Over 4,700 Deaths
2:25 Florida Issues Stay At Home Order Under Pressure
3:14 New York Governor Warns Other States They’re Next
3:50 U.S. Navy Carrier Has Nearly 100 Infected Sailors
5:45 New York Deaths Surge 25% In A Day To Nearly 2,000
8:18 Doctors & Nurses On Front Lines Cut Off From Families
11:47 Report: National Stockpile Running Out Of Protective Gear
13:25 State Officials Sounding Alarm Over Test Shortages
14:14 How To Avoid Coronavirus From Groceries & Deliveries
16:41 Restaurant & Retail Industries Hit Hard By Crisis
17:59 Getting Help If You Can’t Pay Your April1 Bills
19:06 NBC News Correspondent Reunites With Son After 49 Days

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 1st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


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  • Matt BL on April 4, 2020

    Lies lies lies

  • Nat Jac on April 4, 2020

    Trump say states were supposed to be preparing in advanced. How, when the Federal gov was denying that it even existed. If the pres was calling it a hoax but the governors were supposed to be preparing and stocking up?! Huh? I think secretly he and reps want as many ppl to die as possible ( especially in the Urban areas Dem states) so that it's better for him on election day. People to not listen to him. Please please cover your mouth and nose with a thick layered scarf or home made mask when you are around others and in stores? There are some videos on YouTube to make even without sewing. Stay home as much as possible.

  • Lien Nguyen on April 4, 2020

    Government pllease set up web site to get donations from anyone, anywhere for.gloves and mask for hospital in needs. The donation could comes from bussiness who had stock up (nail bussiness …. ) company ho can made masks, even any citizens who know how to sew, how to make mask to DONATE AND SAFE LIFES

  • Gabriel Avina on April 4, 2020

    On the issue with ppe? Honestly all governors and people from local government agencies need to be fired. Oh wait they are elected officials. They get a free pass. They all blame the feds, but honestly people in a corporate setting these local leaders would have been terminated already.

  • end corruption on April 4, 2020


  • Joe Bloe on April 4, 2020

    Not news!

  • segundo Davila on April 4, 2020

    People who go to drivethru testing, TURN OFF TH​E FAN IN YOUR CAR, WHILE​ N​EXT TO TH​E NURSE.If any one have beter idea, Share it

  • segundo Davila on April 4, 2020

    To nurses, inside the masks N 95 put a coffe filter, and discard the filter as need it. If anyone have better idea. Please Share it.

  • Gina S on April 4, 2020

    I'll tell you what's in the stock pile all the hydroxychloroquine. No one with Lupus can get it now. 🙁

  • KARMA777 on April 4, 2020

    Here Is the cure for covid 19 let's spread the word of doctor Zelenko

  • From My Roots on April 4, 2020

    Why does the US think they are so invincible. Like it happen in China yet it can't happen to the US. It happened in Italy yet apparently it couldn't happen to the US. Smdh so sad

  • David Craig on April 4, 2020

    I have an Idea…let's dispose of all moral law and laugh at God then cite that 'If God were real, why does he allow this to happen?" Are you kiddin'?

  • Salvador Zamora on April 4, 2020

    How about being forgiven for paying property tax. I heard nothing about that that's the most expensive

  • Paula Holmes on April 4, 2020

    its Heart Breaking to see the number of people who have die. I worry cause I have Lupus and my husband has C.O.P.D 2 stage he also has other problems. I pray we get over this soon. Stay Safe everyone.Thanks to all the Nurses and Doctors for all they are doing. God Bless them all.

  • RIGGED SPORTS NETWORK on April 4, 2020

    How come nobody knows anyone who has it??? Never seen one post on Facebook about someone with this virus.

  • Jon Cabot on April 4, 2020

    "They're being able to flatten their curve" ~ Dr. Jerome Adams, US Surgeon General

    ahahahahahahaha……. these people are all actors. All of our politicians are actors and have the ability to take our rights from us. PATHETIC

  • Lavern Scott on April 4, 2020

    Poor thing them .they are in the.front line every day to saves lives?☺ and .they are dieyin☺ ho: there god have mercy on your people. Am so sad to see people going out in this way good people"☺😝 am praying for the world please pray ?☺ without ceasing for god to have mercy on us time is drawing near at hand ?☺ these days are so sad

  • Jose Ortiz on April 4, 2020

    My love and biggest thank you too all the doctors and nurses all over the USA for all they have done and continue to do… My heart goes out 2 all the families that have lost someone
    to this Virus. I will be praying for you all. From New York City love you my USA. Take care and may God Bless you all…

  • DOOM RAPTOR on April 4, 2020

    April 1st comes

    God: Alright, I'll stop the plague…

    Also god: April fools

  • Mariano on April 4, 2020

    Give Me Some Good News.

  • aomanchutube on April 4, 2020

    It can't be transmitted by surfaces….yes, here's how to prevent it. It can't be transmitted by air….yes, stay 6ft appart, no actually 27ft, no actually just stay home and open the windows.

    It can't spread through soda or beverages… Coca-Cola employees get the virus…

  • Land Green on April 4, 2020

    The experts/CDC told people if you were not sick don't need to wear the mask, it is wrong!!! That's the reason making the virus spread! Because people can have the virus without any symptom in 14 days, and spreading and spreading…

  • MdAnr MdAdn on April 4, 2020

    Karma. Covid 19 more powerful than weapon of mass destruction.

  • Ann A on April 4, 2020

    Don't BELIEVE anything you are saying…

  • Amanda Smith on April 4, 2020

    Not that young kids watch the news, but you should put younger faces on the screen when you say people of all ages. A young teen working in a grocery store the other day said this is absolutely ridiculous how people are acting. That this is just the flu and he has nothing to worry about. Well. Can we scare them into giving a crap please?

  • Marilu Carvallo on April 4, 2020

    Does anyone ever saves money anymore these days?

  • Doomsday Cock on April 4, 2020

    Since when were viruses able to go airborne? Germs and bacteria go airborne, viruses have to be injected. Who are they fooling? Oh, America… Next they'll say A.i.d.s. virus is airborne and ppl will believe it

  • Connie B on April 4, 2020

    So Florida issued a Stay at Home Order. Hmmm….

  • ッMintyjazz on April 4, 2020


  • Chia Lee on April 4, 2020

    I dont understand why this virus spread so fast. Even in the navy. I know it started in Wuhan China and some parts of the cities. Why it didnt spread to Bejing, Shanghai, and other major cities like in the United States. So many died in the US like doctors, nurses, policemen, and ect. Nothing mentioned for China just the old people. So who is telling the truth. Maybe China is lying about their death tolls or the media is making it worse. I dont know but be safe. Love from America home of the brave.

  • oneinamillion _84 on April 4, 2020

    People are worrying about how they are going to pay for rent, mortgages, bills and food, but don't want to stay home, that's why we pay all those things for, so we can stay home so please people, STAY HOME!!

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