• @regan2010 on June 12, 2024

    Just stopped by to say shut your lying mouth!

  • @virgil4marvolo5crowl on June 12, 2024

    The bear scarred the 🪳 🪳 🪳 🪳

  • @lornanotaras2026 on June 12, 2024

    Blinken keeps saying the pressure is on Hamas to accept the deal. Well that depends on whether the deal is a COMPLETE and PERMANENT ceasefire and the exchange of all Palestinian prisoners (many imprisoned without trial) as well as all the hostage alive and deceased. No doubt Hamas is also asking for a set date when Palestine will be recognised as an independent state. Something the US says it agrees to but vetos at every turn. I suspect to Hamas whats the point in the ceasefire if this is not on the table. This is why there was an uprising as the Palestinians were fed up with being in an open prison. They want their freedom. I think the US needs to look at its own constitution. People are free……clearly they do not think that applies to Palestinians judging by their foreign policy. Its time for peace, Palestine recognised as a neutral state like Switzerland (so has no army) and is under the protection of the UN with UN peacekeepers on the ground for the next 10yrs. Palestinians' natural resources belong to them – oil under the West Bank and Gas in Gaza Marine (off its shoreline) said to be worth over $450bn. They need the help of Norway who have recognsied the State of Palestine, to help them set up a Sovereign Wealth Fund. Proceeds from the sale of these resources can go into it.

  • @rosenguyen2161 on June 12, 2024

    Biden is the worst President ever in the US history.

  • @pedrorivera7931 on June 12, 2024

    JOHN 3:16👈
    ((((( 2 PETER CHAPTER 3 ))))

  • @randeldaniel5437 on June 12, 2024

    When the Russians launch a first strike with their fleet cruising around the Gulf of Mexico how many Arab countries will provide Aid in our recovery? 🤣🤣🤣

  • @social.media.command on June 12, 2024

    Thank you for your report.

  • @jagadeanderson on June 12, 2024

    MY hand on your soul is me gods messrnger 8:38

  • @Marty17762 on June 12, 2024

    Boy that was long 🤣😆

  • @joebidentheworstpresident947 on June 12, 2024

    This whole administration is worthless

  • @pauldemoranville6579 on June 12, 2024

    Russia has spoken. What? Is our posture?

  • @pauldemoranville6579 on June 12, 2024


  • @pauldemoranville6579 on June 12, 2024

    Major Russian deployment on USA via Cuba and all Biden does is dodge it.

  • @pauldemoranville6579 on June 12, 2024

    This is full deployment on Russias behalf. They have stated they will be in Cuba all year.

  • @pauldemoranville6579 on June 12, 2024

    Things escalate daily towards war, not peace. NATO encroaching on Putin with nukes. Putin stated Russia will surround USA

  • @pinhead3737 on June 12, 2024

    Brunette with bangs …. liars come in all forms.✡

  • @retimixshotcrete5870 on June 12, 2024