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Quick & Easy Paella – Oven Baked Sausage & Shrimp Paella Recipe

Quick & Easy Paella – Oven Baked Sausage & Shrimp Paella Recipe

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Learn how to make a Quick & Easy Paella recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Oven Baked Sausage & Shrimp Paella Recipe!



  • Michael White on July 11, 2019

    Your narroration is great!

  • budy1348 on July 11, 2019

    I didn't put it in the oven because I didn't have a oven friendly pan but it came out awful. I blame my own coming though lol tasted like eating flowers :p

  • joshchicago2008 on July 11, 2019

    Paella play YAH(player). You are the man, chef!

  • Richard Soliz on July 11, 2019

    Yes I meant saffron

  • Richard Soliz on July 11, 2019

    I mean saffron

  • Richard Soliz on July 11, 2019

    What if I am not able to find any cell phone or I’m not able to afford it what can you use as a substitute?

  • pedantic43 on July 11, 2019

    Two classic types of Spanish rice can be used; Calasparra or Bomba.

  • Ken Frank on July 11, 2019

    Love these videos you do. Thanks

  • Heidy Hernández Monfort on July 11, 2019

    Jamás he comido una Paella que lleve chorizo… 🙄🤔

  • Toni Polit on July 11, 2019

    Please do not serve this paella to spanish people, specially to people from Valencia, where paella is original from. That's a total mess

  • Jorge Bosch on July 11, 2019

    I realize now that you included chorizo in the paella years before Jamie Oliver got badly criticized and mocked for using the same condiment in his paella recipe. I respect your taste and culinary art. And I must admit that paella is a dish open to many interpretations. There are dozens of paella types, going from the most famous one 'mixta' combining fish and meat, to only seafood, only meat, only veggies and even weird combinations like snails and rabbit, yes! However, and this is a big however … using chorizo is a huge mistake even though it may be trendy or tempting but, seriously, paella has so many flavours that adding chorizo kills half of them because Spanish chorizo is very strong. Using saucisson, Italian or French sausage is also a mistake … or Mexican chorizo, also a terrible thing to do to the poor paella. The best meat to use in a paella is chicken and rabbit. No sausage please!

  • Wael Nawwal on July 11, 2019

    Gordon Ramsay’s impression hilarious 😂

  • Sherrie Livingston on July 11, 2019


  • hi hi on July 11, 2019

    We wouldn't call this paella in Spain. We would call it rice with "x", which is not the same as paella. It looks delicious and well cooked anyway. Sure it tastes good

  • sunnyboy8644 on July 11, 2019

    o.0 wow….

  • cathy lynott on July 11, 2019

    DId anyone else overcook the shrimp.  It was very dry.  Wondering what I did wrong

  • Taps Ars on July 11, 2019

    The paella looks very inviting after being taken out of the oven !!

  • Taps Ars on July 11, 2019

    Why was the rice not washed before being added to the sausages ?

  • logan hunt on July 11, 2019

    i hate his voice or is it how he talks

  • Ulis Aleyhtaroğlu on July 11, 2019

    Is stock means bouillon?

  • Yummy!!! 😋

  • Mububban23 on July 11, 2019

    4:20 made me almost choke on my food from laughing 😀

  • Ivan Quintana on July 11, 2019

    Rice with things.

  • Ramon Carballo on July 11, 2019

    Anything with rice calls it paella. It's a joke recipe.

  • Corwyn Warwaruk on July 11, 2019

    Looks yummy.

  • Ogidni on July 11, 2019

    Love the recipes but can't binge them like other food channels. His intonation is the same in EVERY sentence and it drives me NUTS!!

  • Terry Northrup on July 11, 2019

    Wish you had CC for those of us that can't hear.

  • roxy lib on July 11, 2019

    'World's kinkiest spice' 💀

  • Men Bu Nigo on July 11, 2019

    Im horrified to watch you dump the rice without washing it 🙀

  • Davey Bones on July 11, 2019

    Hey Chef John. Are we ever going to get your classic paella? Love your work!

  • Jessica Uyvette Thompson on July 11, 2019

    Chef Gordon Ramsey “*** paella!” 😂

  • Chrisanna Daye on July 11, 2019

    That "LL" reference. Chef John is sooooo darned funny!!!!

  • Airon the Pogi on July 11, 2019

    You are perfect! Your recipe, voice, direction and sense of humor!

  • Leopold on July 11, 2019

    That's not paella.

  • Audrey Williams on July 11, 2019

    Chef are you saying bad words? 😆

  • Frank Kolton on July 11, 2019

    To me, saffron has almost a kind of ether taste if you add too much. I love it in rice dishes.

  • Kyu Tee Lee on July 11, 2019

    No saffron for me. I am deadly allergic.

  • Tyrone Robinson on July 11, 2019