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CTM NEWS (ctm. news) can be safely downloaded to your device since the main portal itself is simple and direct, designed to provide live breaking news and entertainment safely, from this portal (ctm.news) the visitor does not need to navigate to other CTM NEWS pages, however, we offer the alternative of visiting CTM NEWS TV which is an extension of CTM NEWS that complies with all CTM NEWS security regulations, the CTM NEWS TV page is called LIVE in our menu.

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WordPress Unlimited Premium Website: It is a super platform that will allow you to develop any type of website with all the tools, plugins, and galleries of premium themes, a domain is not needed, your website opens at the beginning with a CTM NEWS domain, and if you require it, you can use your domain just by pointing it to our servers, the activation process is 24 hours and WhatsApp is required to activate your product and get subscriber support.

The entire subscription process is done through PayPal, in this way we make your experience fast, easy, direct, and safe.

About the application: CTM NEWS (add to your home screen) is not an application as such, at no time does CTM NEWS download content on devices, the tool creates a direct connection with CTM NEWS website through a link and not a software, therefore your privacy is kept 100% secure, this connection is direct with your browser.

The tool works perfectly on Android devices, so we suggest Android as the dominant system to use (add to home screen)

If you notice any malfunctions with the integration, please uninstall the tool in your device app dashboard and use the browser version instead.

About our content: CTM NEWS, selects informative and entertaining content suitable for the whole family at any time, we connect with open live streaming platforms and publish them here in a less invasive format, our playlists work in sequence and continuously, to create a rough feeling when you watch TV on open channels.

About the Weather Radar: It is a system connected to a third platform that transmits the weather and its computerized forecasts in real time via satellite to the web.






CTM NEWS is an All Sources News Platform and its use is 100% free. No registration or subscription is necessary to enjoy our services. Subscribing to CTM NEWS is a voluntary act to support the platform.
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