This Storage Bowl Is Like a Hot Lifeguard…for Your Fruit

This Storage Bowl Is Like a Hot Lifeguard…for Your Fruit

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I struggle with the bounty of farmers market day. On the plus side: millions of peaches, peaches for me! On the negative: Where do I put them? Usually the answer is stacked precariously in all the medium-to-large-size bowls that I own. This one for tomatoes, that one for stone fruit. Come evening, I’m eager to make a panzanella salad or peach cobbler…only to find that all suitable vessels are occupied.

This is why I’m making the argument for a dedicated produce-storage bowl—one large enough to handle a robust farmers market haul and attractive enough to live permanently on your counter. French ceramics company Emile Henry makes just such a “grande coupe de conservation”—a 14-inch-wide ceramic bowl with a cork lid shaped like an enormous ashtray. The bowl itself, which is ventilated by three discrete holes in the bottom, holds root vegetables and not-quite-ripe fruit that prefer to be stored in darkness, while the lid is large enough to showcase a fruit display that would make a Dutch master weep.

The choice in materials goes beyond the cosmetic. Cork is largely composed of a waxy substance called suberin, which has antifungal properties, doesn’t absorb moisture, and repels fruit flies; French grandmothers have been known to toss a handful of wine corks into their fruit bowls for this very reason. Cork and ceramic are also excellent insulators, keeping onions and garlic stored below at a consistent temperature.

At $140, this bowl is definitely an investment piece or a particularly thoughtful wedding gift. But it’s handsome enough that it does double duty as a storage vessel and decor—plus it’ll prevent food waste so you can claw back some pennies. You’ll never have to throw out a forgotten liquifying peach again.

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