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Tricks how to apply foundation on your face for beginners

Tricks how to apply foundation on your face for beginners

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Perfect color of your face is a key to the best glamorous look. Even if you have tried really hard and have drawn great smoky eyes or heart-shape lips, it all worth nothing if your make-up tone is not consistent.

What do you need it for?

It is important to remember, that most of the time this part of make-up is not capable to hide all imperfections you might have. And it is unnecessarily hidden shadows under your eyes and won’t make a pimple disappear.

The most important goal of the base is to align skin color and prepare your face as if it was a canvas of a painting. A light tone cream covers up only about 70% of skin problems. And if you do have some serious issues, you might want to do consiler or corrector on those parts. If there are no visible problems, make-up itself might be enough.

There are two ways to check if the base has been applied correctly:

  • Color of your face should not be different from the one on your neck. To have this covered you must test the foundation on the border of your chin – and like this, you can see if the color matches.
  • Skin color cream makes it look better – there is no glitter, dryness or peeling on it. In order to do so, you should choose the proper color of the base under the make-up and also prepare yourself properly before.

How to prepare your face for applying foundation

  1. Cleaning. It is crucial to clean your skin with tonic first. It will help you prevent the risk of getting pimples and dirt in your pores. Make sure that this tonic is alcohol-free. We do not recommend micellar water before applying makeup. Micellar pieces absorb parts of make-up and the color is not going to be smooth
  2. Moisturizing To make sure that your skin is properly treated, you should put light moisturizing cream or serum under the foundation. It is important to remember that even if you have oily skin, you still need cream before you start with any cosmetics
  3. Using primers Using primers is an option that not everyone chooses in everyday life. Beginners might not need that, but it is necessary for professional makeup. There are five different types of prime: – matting prime; – blur prime; shiny prime; moisturizing prime; colored prime. All of them have different purposes, but what you need them the most, to make you look rested and have less tiredness around your eyes.

What would be a better tool for you?

Every tool is good in its own way. Try all of them so you could choose your favorite one. And here we are telling you how to apply foundation with all different ways.

1) How to apply foundation with a sponge?

Using the sponge on your face is giving you the advantage of having perfect and smooth tone. Having few layers of cream and using sponge is perfect during evening makeup. The only minus of using sponge would be – you gonna need a lot of cream and in a matter of economy, this is not the best option. To apply foundation with a sponge you do not need any skills. This is very easy to do even for a beginner. You can do the steps below for both sponge and beauty blender:

  • Water sponge or beauty blender. Remove excessive water with a towel. The surface of the sponge should become very soft
  • Put some cream on your hand first. This will help you not to use any extra.
  • Dump it on your face with a sponge. Move your hand from the centre to the borders. Avoid eyebrows and hair while applying concealer with a beauty blender.

2) How to apply foundation with your fingers?

The warmth of your hands naturally softens the foundation and help to apply it smooth and sharp. Using your fingers while having make-up done is good when you want to be sparing with the concealer. One of the hardest ways to do your makeup – we must say. It takes you a lot of effort to make your face look professional.

  • Put it on your hand – as much as you need.
  • Splash the cream on your face – one small drop on every zone ( cheeks, nose, forehead).
  • Do not smudge foundation – this is showing all the irregularities of your skin. Do the clapping moves around your cheeks and forehead. Do not miss anything. Together with make-up, you will be having full face massage – isn’t it great?

3) How to apply foundation with brushes?

Using brushes allows you to have the most accurate makeup process ever. It is also the most convenient way to apply foundation on your face – hand remains clean and you do not need to wash your sponge all the time.

  • Put some cream on your hand first to make it warmer or rub the tube, if it is plastic.
  • Do not put large amount right away – just a few small drops.
  • Do not squeeze the brush, press it gently to your cheeks – the application will be sharp and accurate.

Make-up advice for different shaped faces

Using concealer you could not just make your face colour smooth but also correct its shape using shadows balance. This is a trick from a lot of professionals in the makeup industry. You need two colors of foundation – one tone lighted and one darker than your skin.

  1. Apply light cream on all the central part of your face;
  2. Darker tone drop on the border of your chin and under the cheekbones;
  3. Smudge the darker tone using a brush to make the border with the light one almost invisible.

This special way of constructing your face is doing only good for everyone.

How to apply foundation properly on dry skin?

The biggest problem you are dealing with while applying foundation on dry skin is peeling. To prevent peels from coming off while using tone, you should clean it first with lotion or tonic that has acid. It helps to remove old peels and get rid of them for a while.

Before applying it, put a moisturizing base all over the face and neck. And the toning cream you need is the one with moisturizer.

Never forget to change the tone structure and type depending on the time of the year – lighter during summer and heavier in the winter time.

Our advice can be useful to look like a star every day of your life.

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