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Trying Burger King’s Impossible Whopper

Trying Burger King’s Impossible Whopper

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Burger King has become the largest restaurant chain to embrace plant-based meat. See what Impossible Foods had to do to win over the King.

No April Fools’ joke: This Whopper is meat-free, and you’d never know. I ate Burger King’s Impossible Whopper, made of plant meat.

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  • Scott Davis on May 12, 2019

    Beyond Meat burger at AandW

  • ed low on May 12, 2019

    Now make buns from non-GMO ancient grain sprouted bread, and I'll quickly get in line.

  • Media Watch on May 12, 2019

    But is a highly processed veggie burger as healthy as unprocessed veggies? How about in comparison to 100% ground beef (otherwise unprocessed)?

  • Eugene D on May 12, 2019

    So… the impossible burger doesn't require a farm or factory to raise cows, doesn't require you to wait for the animal to grow up and then be slaughtered and processed, the meat frozen and transported by paid employees, then processed at a factory by paid employees, packaged and delivered to Burger King… and yet it costs more? Marketing 101 here, cut your own costs as much as you can while raising the price for the consumer.

  • Al Foster on May 12, 2019

    Giving people what they say they want means almost nothing, people are fickle like a cold dill pickle.
    Price means so much to most of us the masses are cost conscientious. This seems more upper scale selling, Starbucks vs McDonalds coffee Kinda thing. Hope it succeeds.

  • chungdha on May 12, 2019

    Oh man am allergic to coconut, good to know not to try this.

  • Derek Armsden on May 12, 2019

    I'm failing to understand the difference between "plant based replacement for meat" and "plant based meat." Plants aren't meat. Surely this is just a more convincing vegetable patty – it isn't meat.

  • elftax on May 12, 2019

    Why is the impossible more expensive?

  • maladjusted on May 12, 2019

    Sorry I want my burger on the cheap.

  • Michael V on May 12, 2019

    I'm looking forward to trying this. Industrial cattle farming is terrible for many reasons. This is very good business from BK.

  • wadafefe on May 12, 2019

    ive stopped eating burgers from BK because they've went down in quality and mainly tasted like plastic but i will definitely try this new impossible burger to see if it is any better

  • Scruffy Scrubs on May 12, 2019

    So what exactly is the heme….(hemoglobin) and how is is that it tastes like meat blood? And why is it red from white plant root. I don't trust this sh++ at all! Sorry Soros and U.N. 2030. Also, will it sustain my pets! Dogs and cats eat meat! Or do you socialists plan on getting rid of them too along with cattle?! Of course this liberal journalist will give this company impossible foods a thumbs up. You better start questioning why and what and do your research people.

  • wildkat222 on May 12, 2019

    produced in a lab……look at all the chemicals……plant based my ass. No way are you gonna make plants taste like meat…..without a slew of chems and who knows what……an oxymoron……plant based meat……..

  • Petey B on May 12, 2019

    Impossible burger is not vegan or Vegetarian. Be weary about this product.

  • Ari Macleod on May 12, 2019

    Interesting that the surveys showed people would buy the impossible whopper for 'health' reasons first and ethics second. I don't imagine the fake meat is actually going to be that nutritional, I would be buying it for ethics

  • SamuraiSamara 69 on May 12, 2019

    Don't eat vegetarian because you feel sorry for animals, do it because it's the easiest food for your body to digest. Think about it as giving your digesting system a break so it can cleanse itself. It's the best relief you can give yourself!

  • Jordan ZaDrough on May 12, 2019


  • yuehh tewbb on May 12, 2019

    This is disgusting.

  • Jamen Saziru on May 12, 2019

    Of course capitalism was thrown in at the end

  • Michael Bertoni on May 12, 2019

    cows make plant based meat.??

  • Michael Bertoni on May 12, 2019

    does not shrink cause its cancer causing fake meat. gross

  • Mario Namewontwork on May 12, 2019

    almost all the fast food places around me have those kinda burgers and they always have a sign up saying they are sold out so they must be popular but I think they taste odd.

  • jm71681 on May 12, 2019

    Had the Impossible at Red Robin last night; genuine confusion. I couldn't tell the difference, nor could my wife.

    I'll get it again, and I'm not a vegetarian.

  • Jaehee Park on May 12, 2019

    I cant wait til its available everywhere. I really wanna try it. I tried the Beyond Burger and its delicious as well.

  • Justin Southwick on May 12, 2019

    Margarine, Canola oil, Low-Fat, Sugar Free, Soy, Aspartame, Sucralose… what could go wrong? Guess we release this one on the public, wait 20 years and then see if we can tie the newly observed, unexplained health issues that have appeared wide spread in the general population on this product. Once confirmed… we lightly slap the manufacturer on the wrist and allow them a pass.

  • rayt on May 12, 2019

    Looks and taste like a hockey puck and cost more only a fool buys manmade burgers.

  • Champ Marly on May 12, 2019

    Soy your telling us?