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How much is it cost open a website in 2022?

Most website providers are always in the race to offer the best packages to the public and, the truth is that these businesses have all kinds of options and, some are super affordable compared to 15 years ago. Nowadays, you can rent a website with a domain included for about $65 a year in their economic package (SILVER)

This type of annual subscription is trendy today, people enjoy the experience of editing their page and showing the world their ideas and businesses, but what happens when the website is unpaid on time?… well, the landlord closes your website.

Is there any way to buy a WordPress website?
The answer to this question is yes! and it is cheap.

Webfinet is offering websites for sale with 5, 15-25-35-45-60 pages and more. The deal does not include the domain, but WEBFINET provides you with an associated address to start if the client wishes to add a personal address to his property, he only has to point it to the WEBFINET servers…


We only accept payments through PayPal. This is the easiest and safest way to trade online and guarantees both buyers and service providers guarantees the accomplishment of all terms and conditions. You must have a WhatsApp account to do business with webfinet.


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12 Reasons to Have a Site webfinet-

You would possibly wonder, why do you want a website? Or you may additionally assume why it’s necessary to have a website. Well, that’s what we’ll talk about here.

An internet site offers you an online presence. In different words, it’s your identification on the internet.

Online presence is as vital as true identification like a title to a character or a bodily workplace for an organization.

That’s due to the fact the web has to end up a vital section of our everyday life. From a normal buying tips to buying, definitely speak to taking classes, we do it online.

If you’re a professional, then an internet site helps you join with clients. For a business, an internet site can assist join with clients and doing business. There are more. We’ll cowl the entirety of them.

Why Do We Need a Website? Here are 12 Reasons
1. Helps You Establish an Online Presence
2. Lets You Showcase Your Skills to a Wider Audience
3. Helps to increase Customers Interaction for Business
4. Helps companies and Organizations Attract More Customers
5. Site Signifies Professionalism
6. Makes You More Credible and Trustworthy
7. Setting up a Site is Very Easy
8. Makes You More Available and Easier to Find
9. Showcase Best Reviews and Testimonials
10. Works as a Free Advertisement
11. Everyone’s Got a Website
12. Establishes Good Brand Image

OWN Your Website

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*Unlimited Bandwidth

*Unlimited Disk Space

*Unlimited Sections

*WordPress PRO Theme

*WPBakery Page Builder

*Youtube Page Builder and more…

CTM.NEWS WEBSITES. Pay One Time - Lifetime License by WEBFINET : Unlimited Data and Bandwidth- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
TERMS Contact us before Buy
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How to use your cell phone on your computer, when you lose the internet signal during the storm.


Today’s technology and developments allow us to be in communication with the outside world even during heavy storms.

How to use my cell phone on my computer when I lose the internet signal.

The telephone technology of 2022 allows emergency connectivity via satellite even during heavy storms such as strong tropical storms and even hurricanes.ctm-news-vysor-1

But how can I use my cell phone on my computer? the answer is with Vysor. Vysor is an application that allows you to mirror on your computer, the free application works fantastic when mirroring with your computer, even in streaming videos the performance is impressive, Vysor interface also allows you to use your computer to manage your phone on-screen broad, it is simply an incredible tool for those moments where connectivity is lost and you need a better view than a cell phone can provide.

Not everything can be mirrored by Vysor.

Certain applications such as Netflix, Youtumovies, Tubi, Pluto, etc, have special blockers for applications capable of mirroring however you can easily access the rest of the online content and applications on any operating system Apple, Microsoft, Google OS, etc…

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All About how to build your own website, and how to take advantage of it.

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