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How much is it cost open a website in 2022?

Most website providers are always in the race to offer the best packages to the public and, the truth is that these businesses have all kinds of options and, some are super affordable compared to 15 years ago. Nowadays, you can rent a website with a domain included for about $65 a year in their economic package (SILVER)

This type of annual subscription is trendy today, people enjoy the experience of editing their page and showing the world their ideas and businesses, but what happens when the website is unpaid on time?… well, the landlord closes your website.

Is there any way to buy a WordPress website?
The answer to this question is yes! and it is cheap.

Webfinet is offering websites for sale with 5, 15-25-35-45-60 pages and more. The deal does not include the domain, but WEBFINET provides you with an associated address to start if the client wishes to add a personal address to his property, he only has to point it to the WEBFINET servers…


We only accept payments through PayPal. This is the easiest and safest way to trade online and guarantees both buyers and service providers guarantees the accomplishment of all terms and conditions. You must have a WhatsApp account to do business with webfinet.


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