Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: April 1 | MSNBC

Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: April 1 | MSNBC

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Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: April 1 | MSNBC


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  • SW Alexander on April 3, 2020

    215 days to go with a sick leader in a crisis.

  • A.J Mic on April 3, 2020

    I ki,led America one person at time and it didn't cost mea dime no sentC OVID 19 TO YOUR TOWN , THIS ISN'T A PRESIDENCY IT'S AN ATTACK TRIMP SYCHOPHANTS ARE NOW SICK O PENCE , HAPPPY TUESDAYS

  • Elaine Thomas on April 3, 2020

    New normal, Trump's Greater America ?

  • Sam Santana on April 3, 2020

    Such a shootable face

  • Mark Merithew on April 3, 2020

    The State of Alabama, known to be last in everything but football…has yet to declare a stay at home order. Instead if you look at the governors page, it was about fishing. Why is it that these people, like Trump, want to distract from their incompetence, blame others, and sit on their hands and make everyone else fight for survival…

  • marilyn newbold on April 3, 2020

    He already has blamed Obama for the pandemic at lease two or more times.

  • E C on April 3, 2020

    DeSantis…..another totally incompetent Trump cloon. And Pence please stop being up Trumps a.. when you start talking. This isn’t about him, it is about OUR lives. Thank god we can get facts from CUOMO.

  • Gmmonica godsgotthis on April 3, 2020

    We let them take our jobs. They have a movie called "Contagion" it came out in 2011. How did they know? Look up Gates talking bout viruses and that we aren't prepared.
    Look up Dr. Bruce Alyland who works for the W.H.O. world health organization, this doctor had just came back from Wuhun China and he was NOT under quarantine. He stammered and laughed when he was asked why he wasn't under Quarantine? They have the antibody which is what they give people when they go abroad (it's the shot they give for malaria and they know it works and so do other antibiotics, I heard a guy say believe it or not he took pentrexçil, it's a Mexican antibiotic you can buy in Mexico- I don't know but the rumor is I've always read is that antibiotic don't work for a virus but people are saying that some antibiotics are working for this virus (do they actually have the virus…who knows…we are bring lied to in a HUGE WAY. WAKE UP PEOPLE/church!!! If China did it then we don't trade with them. We start our own companies HERE! We make ourself sell sufficient like we use to be.
    WAKE UP everyone!
    The only people who say home are the old people and the people with autoimmune disorders.
    We are being lied to by the Media. It's true that the virus is a live and kicking but they put it out.
    These CROOKS HAVE DEVISED A WAY TO MAKE US BROKE AND TAKE OUR JOBS. These crooks are making us entrepreneurs lose what we have worked so hard for. The only people who can recover are the rich. I have a family and I can no longer work. One of my kids will have to close her business, which she made $160,000 per year, gone, my son is barely hanging on to his job because he's a supervisor and my other two kids which worked for a start up company have both gone bust in such a short time. WE let them take our Jobs. The only people that should stay home are the old and the sick and the people with autoimmune disorders.
    The real poor aren't going to see this stimulus money they're talking about). Look up the mo

  • Delrois Fierro on April 3, 2020

    Classic Trump Deflect From my inept and talking about drugs addiction. Jesus help us.🇺🇸🗣🗣

  • BaconNBeer on April 3, 2020

    This is a manufactured crisis why isn't Brian Williams reporting on that?

  • jerry slater on April 3, 2020

    240,000 people dead, 240,000 miles to the Moon, Coincidence ?

  • Cerone 747 on April 3, 2020

    A permanent PTSD for this country.

  • Chris Messenger on April 3, 2020

    Gee… What happens when Drumph or his boy Pence actually get sick. You think his Facebook numbers go up? God help us all.

  • Michele Weismann on April 3, 2020

    He is a lousy actor no matter what role he decides to play

  • Steve Lerma on April 3, 2020

    Gee, it doesn't take a genius to know what Trump thinks will happen. He figured out that 1+2=3

  • Marko Goldman on April 3, 2020

    Here we go again.
    MSNBC is going after president trump and republicans not democrats. What a fake news media?!?@?@?
    The are full of….

  • Old Crow on April 3, 2020

    Typical Trump narcissism, it's somebody else's fault… Sickening.

  • Steve Lerma on April 3, 2020

    Trumpvirus2020 😷

  • Delrois Fierro on April 3, 2020

    Omg we have a certified Lunatic in the WH.🤯😱🤮

  • Carnell Bell on April 3, 2020

    Does Bill Barr always looks like a sad sack? O that's that evil within.

  • Beauregard Burnside III on April 3, 2020

    Do I understand this correctly – At the exact same time that Trump was calling the Coronavirus a hoax the state governors were supposed to be stocking up on medical supplies for the upcoming pandemic. Maybe instead of the self proclaimed steady genius spending so much time blaming others for everything, making up childish nicknames for his political opponents, & acting like a contortionist patting himself on the back he should instead follow the words of a real businessman "Lee Iacocca" & either lead,follow or get out of the way. This guy is a buffoon.

  • Cerone 747 on April 3, 2020

    We will have more deaths than all the world combined when it's all over and done by far. With this Administration in charge this country could lose more than a million people from this virus and they would still say they did a good job.

  • Irma Thijs on April 3, 2020

    did you notice that on every comment there is one dislike must be a supporter of the administation;

  • Rob Van Gessel on April 3, 2020

    As long as Trump and the GOP in its present form hold offices, democracy is in big trouble here. The 2 things that give them and corporate America a factional lock on our system, depriving us of a truly free democracy carried by the voice of the majority of the People, are Gerrymandering and the Electoral College. (The latter could have a different function assigned to it, or just disappear completely, but the Popular Vote should determine general elections).

  • jerry slater on April 3, 2020

    Make sure that all Americans who get the Virus know that God loves you…

  • jerry slater on April 3, 2020

    For someone with so much business experience i would think that the President would understand an exponential curve….

  • Judith Hansen on April 3, 2020


  • Elaniago on April 3, 2020


  • Judith Hansen on April 3, 2020


  • Cerone 747 on April 3, 2020

    All props and misinformation. Keep your eye on Donald Trump people not the shiny object. He's playing three card Monte with you. Donald Trump is a threat to National Security.. you better stop him while you can. You've been hypnotized.

  • Vincent Masci on April 3, 2020

    snow white and the seven dwarfs ?

  • James Parker on April 3, 2020
  • David L on April 3, 2020

    DeSantis is such a weak governor. He needs to learn from Gavin Newsom. This is what happens when Floridians install a far-right Trump puppet to office.

  • MELANIE boulevard on April 3, 2020

    U should replace the president

  • Rima Walker on April 3, 2020

    The tax cuts for the 1% were no problem for McConnell. Why worried about spending now?

  • Francoise Loffler on April 3, 2020


  • Farmer Bob on April 3, 2020

    WHF…I think ‘NOT DYING’ might be nice too Trump! 😡

  • Francoise Loffler on April 3, 2020


  • Lisa Rose on April 3, 2020

    AMERICA send an email to your senator and representative to ask Nancy Pelosi

    for an impeachment trial for Trump – Pence. The Governor's and FEMA are competing

    against each other for medical supplies! The lack of action on behalf of the Executive Branch

    is aiding and abetting the enemy.

    That is OUTRAGEOUS! At least 150,000 will DIE in the next 2 months!

    We are at WAR! This is Florida 4-1-2020. Wake up America!

  • A.D.A on April 3, 2020

    I think this fool really believes he's on reality tv show and the rest of America is just extras in a show starring him.

  • Jerry Blanton on April 3, 2020

    He's number one alright right after number 2😁

  • JunaidAK (AK) on April 3, 2020

    People have very short term memory indeed. Today every one in the world crying out because some virus is killing them for two, three month. But if we analyse, these are the same country that killed millions around the world for decades thinking there is no one to answer to about there evil action and they can just go on doing what they have started. America is the country (Along With European countries) invaded Iraq and killed innocence people and made a new record (that time) of raping and torturing people. These solider are still being treated as heroes. When ever there is conflict the western countries is the one that profits from it the most. Creates civil war in the name of spreading Democracy to destabilize the country where thousands die. At that time they acted arrogantly, and any one speaks against them is a terrorist and every killing they did is for "Greater Good". Now the true "Greater Goods" has come from GOD for there evil deed, they cry out as though they are innocent. Ten year, twenty year or thirty year may be long time for us but it is nothing for GOD and he does not forget. These are few verses of the Quran that is reflect what is happening in the worlds.
    Surah Muminon-
    But their hearts are covered with confusion over this, and they have [evil] deeds besides disbelief which they are doing,Until when We seize their affluent ones with punishment, at once they are crying [to GOD ] for help.Do not cry out today. Indeed, by Us you will not be helped. (63 to 65)
    Surah Ankabut-
    So each We seized for his sin; and among them were those upon whom We sent a storm of stones, and among them were those who were seized by the blast [from the sky], and among them were those whom We caused the earth to swallow, and among them were those whom We drowned. And Allah would not have wronged them, but it was they who were wronging themselves.The example of those who take allies other than Allah is like that of the spider who takes a home. And indeed, the weakest of homes is the home of the spider, if they only knew. (40 to 41)
    Surah Sajda-
    And we will surely let them taste the minor punishment before the the greater punishment (in the hereafter) so that perhaps they will repent. (21)

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