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We Think These Are 4 of the Best Dog Beds on the Market in 2019, Here’s Why

We Think These Are 4 of the Best Dog Beds on the Market in 2019, Here’s Why

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Dog beds. We all have them and we usually have more than one, but how do you choose the right one for your dog?

We have dogs of all ages at K9 Magazine and know the important role that age plays in choosing a dog bed – it’s not just about comfort, it’s about the support it gives and how it fits into your home or how easy it is to take out and about with you, as well as durability.

And so, taking into consideration the opinions of our fellow dog owners on what’s important for dogs of all shapes and sizes, here are four of the best dog beds we’ve found this year that we think you need to know about.

KONA CAVE® Travel Dog Bed

Why we picked this bed:

Quite honestly, we’ve never seen a travel bed quite like this one. The design is what first grabbed our attention. It carries like a handbag and transforms into a comfy bed. The attention to detail that has gone into the design is clear to see and the colours are quite striking (see their website for the full range). We love it.

KONA CAVE® says:

“The KONA CAVE® Travel Dog Bed helps keep even the most anxious dogs calm, comfy and secure. Carried like a stylish bag, the Travel Bed opens into a thick, padded bed that your dog will love. Now you can take your dog with you everywhere you go.”

Priced from €149 (small) – €169 (medium)


George Barclay Beckley Sofa Bed (Deluxe Edition)

Why we picked this bed:

Honestly, the colours drew us to the sofa bed style initially. We have been testing another similar George Barclay sofa dog bed for around a year now and it is still in the exact same condition today as it was the day it arrived. We felt at the time George Barclay beds were built to last and it seems we were right, even after machine washing multiple times it looks as good as new. See their website for the full range of colours in this design.

George Barclay says:

“The George Barclay, Beckley, Deluxe Edition sofa bed has been produced using the finest quality upholstery fabric. The bed utilises a soft woven fabric for the sleeping area, paired with contrasting faux leather for the beds exterior. The 3-sided design forms a cosy environment for your dog, whilst retaining easy access.”

Priced from £129.99 – £164.99


Tuffies Nest

Why we picked this bed:

A favourite of so many dog owners, handmade in Scotland, Tuffies beds are famous for their waterproof qualities making them ideal for active dogs and owners alike.

Tuffies say:

“The famous waterproof, deliciously comfortable Tuffies Durasoft Nest is both easy to keep clean and, at the same time, a total hit with dogs.

“The Tuffies nest has a comfy waterproof futon-cushion in the base complete with a removable washable fleece. The sides stay upright for years of support. W: www.tuffies.co.uk T: 01888 563288.”

Priced from £110.00


Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave®

Why we picked this bed:

We know some dogs love to snuggle under a duvet and so with those dogs in mind, we were drawn to the unique cave design. Snoozer kindly sent us one of their beds for review so watch this space for a full review with Christopher (pictured below).

Snoozer UK says:

“We have been making Cozy Cave for over 35 years in the USA and our team of craftspeople take pride in making the best dog beds available.

“The Cozy Cave’s soft sherpa interior is designed to wrap dogs in comfort and create a sense of security. Our Cozy Caves are machine washable and available in a range of sizes and colours to complement their surroundings. For ageing dogs that need a bit of extra support, Orthopaedic Cozy Caves are also available. All of our beds come with a one-year warranty and K9 Magazine readers can get 10% off using ‘K9MAG’ on our website.”

Priced from £94.99




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