Wine Enthusiast Podcast: Wine Myths Debunked, Part III

Wine Enthusiast Podcast: Wine Myths Debunked, Part III

Ever wonder if wines from Bordeaux need to be aged forever to best enjoy them? How about if sommeliers really have a secret thing about the second-cheapest bottle on the list being the best value? What about the basic tenet that white wines should be served cold, and reds at room temperature?

In this episode, Managing Editor Lauren Buzzeo speaks to contributing editors Roger Voss, Matt Kettmann and Virginie Boone about these topics and other common misconceptions.

That’s right. It’s all fair game today as we turn these common questions upside down.

We also provide some solid suggestions for regions and bottlings to seek out and try today to further enhance your wine geekdom, from affordable Bordeaux bottlings from the Cru Bourgeois of the Médoc to “serious” Beaujolais and wallet-friendly Napa Cabs.

So get your learn on and journey with us on this ride to debunk more wine myths.

Published on October 28, 2020


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