Iran to increase nuclear production, prohibit inspectors from US if sanctions not lifted: reports

Less than a week after Iran’s leading nuclear scientist was assassinated on the outskirts of Tehran, the Iranian parliament has voted to increase its uranium enrichment levels and stop International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors from examining facilities if the next U.S. administration declines to lift hefty U.S. banking and oil sanctions by February.  Despite objections […]

EASY Chocolate Crinkle Cookies – I Heart Naptime

These chocolate crinkle cookies are fudgy on the inside with a crisp outside edge! So rich and decadent and adored by any and all chocolate lovers.  This is one of those classic cookie recipes that is perfect to make during the holidays. The crinkly powdered sugar coating makes them super festive and contrasts beautifully with […]

Dark Chocolate Gelato (with Vegan Option)

This indulgent gelato is for true chocoholics: a spoonful provides a rich, strong hit of cocoa, reminiscent of biting into a square of 70% chocolate. {Jump to Recipe} Dark chocolate is my go-to weeknight dessert: I end most meals with a square of 70% chocolate. I eat it slowly, let it melt on my tongue, […]