Biden asked if he’d pardon Hunter if convicted in gun trial. Hear his response webfi


  • @Dogman580 on June 7, 2024

    Biden is not Trump. Only Donald Trump would pardon his sons.

  • @MrShanedanielson on June 7, 2024

    The JURY will PARDON him.

  • @MrShanedanielson on June 7, 2024

    WATCH the jury pardon him. Biden knows that will happen. EASY to say

  • @Pyladin on June 7, 2024

    Presidents should not even have the ability/power to pardon anyone.

  • @ihelpdogs on June 7, 2024

    Biden will pardon Hunter, no doubt about it. He'll wait though to see how the election turns out. If he wins, he can pardon Hunter and basically it's too bad, so sad for the Trumptards. If he loses he'll wait until the last minute to pardon him.

  • @uchennaibe449 on June 7, 2024

    CNN is so addicted to Trump.

  • @bigsexxy1 on June 7, 2024

    We must protect democracy…..yeah right you hypocrite you pardon your son

  • @WindFireAllThatKindOfThing on June 7, 2024

    CNN: It would be really good for our ratings if you would, so we're gonna poke you over and over about it

  • @yournanna866 on June 7, 2024

    He should pardon him.


    The Biden Crime Family, a veritable den of degeneracy!

  • @richdars2515 on June 7, 2024

    Thats what a real dad and president does.

  • @Jared-us6mw on June 7, 2024

    This anchors face says it all : lights on but no one's home

  • @igormumic9621 on June 7, 2024

    He is a jerk.

  • @lilibee3443 on June 7, 2024

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Now that’s a president!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • @richardchristian4901 on June 7, 2024

    I'll believe it when I see it! Joe has lied way to much to be believed.

  • @AllieSheffield on June 7, 2024

    First Lady is not only first lady she is the LADY!!!!

  • @jpappo8578 on June 7, 2024

    But Biden will withhold 1.5 billion in aid to Ukraine unless they fire the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, the board that Hunter Biden was serving on. The Big Guy didn’t want to lose his 10%.

  • @SocialistParadise on June 7, 2024

    Not guilty.
    He is democrat royalty.
    What do you expect ?

  • @SocialistParadise on June 7, 2024

    Walks like it has dementia. Talks like it has dementia.
    It has dementia.

  • @justuandmebb on June 7, 2024

    What will MAGA have to say if Hunter is not found guilty

  • @SRM_NZ on June 7, 2024

    Yet the majority of Americans want Trump…..what's with that?

  • @dons3073 on June 7, 2024

    Sure tell us all about Biden giving more of your tax dollars away to Europe never ending money pit impeach it

  • @JohnSmith-pg9ns on June 7, 2024

    Trump pardoned real criminals
    Biden should absolutely pardon his son

  • @dons3073 on June 7, 2024

    You tell Biden what we said

  • @dons3073 on June 7, 2024

    Can’t wait till November

  • @tjk3430 on June 7, 2024

    I don't get it why wouldn't a dictator pardon his own son? 😉

  • @djcoolfrank9497 on June 7, 2024

    This is all Republicans doing, no one in the US gets jail for that, but they will do it to try to hurt Biden, shows you how evil Republicans are.

  • @nexussix7933 on June 7, 2024

    “Joe Biden puts family over everyone else.” -CNN To this day Joe Biden and Jill Biden refuses to meet the five-year-old granddaughter and love child with stripper from Hunter Biden.