• @bmass0828 on June 5, 2024

    One can acknowledge he was a human with flaws while also pointing out that left leaning outlets used him as a martyr to push an agenda forward. Two things can be true at once.

  • @thesagetraveler7649 on June 5, 2024

    Floyd's death didn't start BLM, the death of Trayvon Martin did and then Michael Brown when people didn't accept the verdict in Martin's case.

  • @thesagetraveler7649 on June 5, 2024

    Floyd wasn't murdered Bri.

  • @straightup7up on June 5, 2024

    Jessica's new hair looks fabulous

  • @thesagetraveler7649 on June 5, 2024

    Please watch The Fall of Minneapolis.

  • @danpoulos8639 on June 5, 2024

    This is like watching Dumb and Dumber…is any of this analysis worth air time? Whatever MTG said speaks for itself, is any of this pontificating or moralizing relevant?

  • @michaeldudley3756 on June 5, 2024

    is this supposed to be a good pic of MTG? its really hard to find those i've noticed lol

  • @mfl1032 on June 5, 2024

    Bri what about the pregnant woman’s belly that he put a gun to? We aren’t blind we saw the knee was on his shoulder not his neck! We all know that Trump will be found not guilty on appeal because we all see the law fair!

  • @portlandhasbecometrash8437 on June 5, 2024

    Bri is such a joke

  • @414-ForSuch-A-TimeAsThis on June 5, 2024


  • @beerye9331 on June 5, 2024

    DOJ knee is on DJT

  • @amanrob on June 5, 2024

    Too many people called him a hero and other nonsense. They conflated him into a status he didn't deserve. I would call him a sympathetic victim, but definitely not a hero or anyone who deserved statues.

  • @markdavis7853 on June 5, 2024

    So George Floyd's history of resisting arrest is irrelevant to him dying while resisting arrest?

  • @traviscutler9912 on June 5, 2024

    It's so nice to hear two people articulate proper opinions with reasonable arguments rather than one person doing that and the other person saying that the government shouldn't do anything.
    God Robbie sucks

  • @markdavis7853 on June 5, 2024

    The irony of 2 elite liberal reporters commentating on what mtg accused liberals of hero worshipping George Floyd is hilarious. They just don't seem to see the mtg isn't a racist for pointing out the obvious. You can pretend all you want that cities bUrned for "racial justice" but a majority of businesses destroyed and property damaged in the wake of Floyd's death where minority owned.

  • @f58534 on June 5, 2024

    Cray cray

  • @karmaandkerosene2885 on June 5, 2024

    She's 100% right.
    If you supported BLM – you got played. It was all a grift and a power grab.

  • @nathanliepner689 on June 5, 2024

    BLM has become less salient in the political debate because the whole thing was a scam to begin with.

  • @mtmg3648 on June 5, 2024

    She is correct.

  • @metalopoly2569 on June 5, 2024

    MTG may be a little nutty, but she's right about this

  • @michellesandri5204 on June 5, 2024

    They have been for their need to use it as a cover for their dirty deeds

  • @blueguise23 on June 5, 2024

    Where's the lie?

  • @hdlc4635 on June 5, 2024

    People like Marge and her supporters in these comments think that any Black person in U.S. history killed by the police, or by a mob lynching done 'in the name of justice,' 'deserved' to die. When pressed, I doubt they can think of a single instance when the Black person killed didnt "have it coming."

  • @mcrmundstock7827 on June 5, 2024

    whats the problem. Truth hurts liberals doesnt it?

  • @hokiebuddy on June 5, 2024

    They aren’t worshiping George Floyd and his death. They’re exploiting him and his death.

  • @zerocool5395 on June 5, 2024

    Both sides shilling for their favorite fellons 😂😂😂

  • @barbaraperalta5121 on June 5, 2024

    Marjorie Taylor Greene is 100% correct the Democrats praise and honor criminals.

  • @marco3dartist on June 5, 2024

    Correction: Didn't follow simple commands and died as result of restraint.

  • @PapioRed on June 5, 2024

    Don't like MTG but she ain't wrong.

  • @JRB2323 on June 5, 2024

    This garbage is unwatchable, do better the Hill

  • @user-nq1vs4ss9x on June 5, 2024

    MTG never said that George Floyd "deserved to die" or denied his humanity. And of course the drugs in George Floyd's system are not mentioned.

  • @AndyPrimeOne on June 5, 2024

    Did the pregnant woman floyd put a gun to, while his friends robbed her house, life have value too?

  • @KatiraAZ on June 5, 2024

    There were so many others killed by police officers that could have Been "beter victims… so tired of this Bs. So many Decent young people killed too. Those moved my heart way more. The Left is so messed up including these 2.

  • @ericdelossantos1 on June 5, 2024

    No lies were told by MTG.

  • @Wesley-eu7rn on June 5, 2024

    Coroner's report says massive drug levels in his system lead to his death, not choking. The last thing those cops wanted was for Floyd to die, especially with all those cell phone cameras aimed at them. But Floyd scored yet again in his long record of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and this time it was terminal.

  • @user-jm9qk6pn8t on June 5, 2024

    The left hates her when she tells the truth, not when she lies.

  • @peterstgeorge7542 on June 5, 2024

    Hey, she is a little crazy at times but in this case she aint lying !! I mean Floyd was a felon, drug dealer and addict, threatened a pregnant woman and so much more and in the end they burned cities, held riots, donated money and literally build statues and monuments to him.

  • @larynOneka8080 on June 5, 2024

    The Congressional Black Caucus is worthless.

  • @MMAfighter38113 on June 5, 2024

    Sadly, People are still mourning GF. 🤦🏻
    This guy is comparing a bookkeeping record error that even the FEC & prosecutors refused to go after Trump for to someone holding a pregnant woman at gunpoint during a robbery attempt.

  • @dreadcthulhu1439 on June 5, 2024

    Crazy cause with zero drugs in his system, Floyd would still be alive committing crimes to this day

  • @Lee-rh1wj on June 5, 2024

    george floyd rip was not killed by anybody , george floyd was a dead man walking long before he tried to pass fake money, read the autopsy ,

  • @johndeaux3703 on June 5, 2024

    Wasn't killed, your description is false. He OD'ed on fentanyl he ingested.

  • @giatrinh7194 on June 5, 2024

    All Democrats are so over the top unfair.
    There's only one kind of response to people.

  • @JaguarAudio on June 5, 2024

    This Niall guy is fantastic. Also a great POV for Bri.

  • @dsailer16 on June 5, 2024

    What's the story here? Nothing she said was wrong.

  • @ProclaimedHERETIC on June 5, 2024

    George Floyd died from overdose. The entire narrative is a lie.