Four Israeli hostages rescued as Hamas claims over 200 killed during ‘complex’ Gaza raid webfi


  • @drowe2 on June 8, 2024

    I have a hard time believing this guy – just saying

  • @Joe-tr2xb on June 8, 2024

    Did you hear? The UN wants to pass a resolution that the hostages must be returned to Hamas. They are calling it a kidnapping.

  • @MrMelgibstein on June 8, 2024

    Netanyahu supporting Hamas in his own words , “Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state hNetanyahuas to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas,” Netanyahu told his Likud party’s Knesset members in March 2019. “This is part of our strategy" Haaretz, October 2023.

  • @johnV1979 on June 8, 2024

    That's the difference between israel and hamas israel cares for its ppl instead of using them as humans shields ans martyrs

  • @t500010000 on June 8, 2024

    Crazy how race wars still exist

  • @Petal4822 on June 8, 2024

    Free Palestinians open the Rafah border into Egypt. 🇪🇬

  • @GuantanamoBayBarbie3 on June 8, 2024


  • @VERYPURPLE on June 8, 2024

    Do the math!
    4 hostages equals 200 dead Palestinians?!!!! What crazy world do we live in?!!!!
    It’s truly shocking. The disconnect people have when it comes to other human lives.

  • @captainhemmingsworth448 on June 8, 2024

    ❤ 🇮🇱 ❤ 🇮🇱 ❤ 🇮🇱

  • @richardkluesek4301 on June 8, 2024

    The only Israli kia was the operation commander. Errily, during the 1979 Entebbe Raid to free hostages on an airliner taken to Uganda under the deranged dictator Idi Aminm the only Israeli kia was the operation commander, the brother of Prime Minister Netanyahu.