• @torri-ez5ou on June 4, 2024

    says the guy that took raw gfuel 🌺💚

  • @marchesiemmi on June 4, 2024


  • @lysette-os6jb on June 4, 2024

    Imo the Blackout map was better than Verdansk. I'd love too see it remastered in WZ3 😚🍒

  • @Loyce-iq8yz on June 4, 2024

    Sono grato per l'opportunità di interagire con un gruppo così eterogeneo di individui. Ha ampliato la mia prospettiva in modi che non avrei mai immaginato.😛

  • @GwynStrutz on June 4, 2024

    Sono continuamente colpito dall'eloquenza con cui ognuno esprime i propri pensieri. Discorso così articolato!✨

  • @GertrudisMarr on June 4, 2024

    The level of nuance and complexity in this conversation is truly impressive. It's like peeling back layers of an onion.💚

  • @michaelmartin4366 on June 4, 2024

    Someway, somehow, they'll find a way to let Biden off of the hook.

  • @Philly_bul on June 4, 2024

    The dude had yay in the white house. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. FOH

  • @mopthermopther on June 4, 2024

    Hunter’s laptop is starring in remake of
    Pulp Fiction

  • @Changeiscoming47 on June 4, 2024

    We’re all shocked 😮 🙄

  • @dougschmidt9578 on June 4, 2024

    Make him think à piss test he can't lie than

  • @rockyjohnson9243 on June 4, 2024

    He should get at least 4 years in jail for this no bail.

  • @trmpgod9976 on June 4, 2024

    (((((((((((((((( THE BIDEN CRIME FAMILY FOR PRISON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ))))))))))))))))))))

  • @gowanderlustwithme on June 4, 2024

    Oh man who cares. Don’t we have better things to do —

  • @JaniceUDuvall on June 4, 2024

    Thumbs up to Fox
    Thumbs down to Biden and his son Hunter.

  • @ladyd8339 on June 4, 2024

    Maybe soon we will all be able to use the words convicted felon against Biden! He has been concealing and abetting a suspected criminal for years! The Biden family: dealing with our enemies, extorting money, withholding childcare money, lying on a gun questionnaire, porn, failure to pay taxes while spending on sex and drugs, lying about the existence of the incriminating computer and so much more! You can be a drug addict but the crimes are still crimes! And all with the protection of Joe!