• @aglady4032 on June 11, 2024

    Republicans dont even Believe in this Case at all a Juror Laughing in court before the sentence was read and a Judge for Trump.
    The Juror laughed when coming out to the Court Room which is so illegal this juror was a Fake Juror on this Triall Please go back and to do this was aThis again CASE was illegal Throw this case out since a Juror was Smiling when he came out before the sentence was READ this is illegal and prejudice since they knew what they were doing this should be a MISS TRIAL and Investigated Now …. This Jury needs to be Looked into NOW .
    This is a Bull 🐂 Sh Verdict and PPL know this was a Republicans Case and PPL in the World knows this …. This was only Bcuz o f Trump so Democrats and Independents Republicans and Young Seasoned and Elderly PPL VOTE for Biden. Family Members you have had a member with this problem and NOO JAIL time was Given. The Case was Thrown Out They Only Did it Bcuz he is The President
    So Republicans this is What you wanted… Okay let’s go after there Families on Drugs NOW…

  • @yiowatho1839 on June 11, 2024

    According to Republicans
    This is Joe Biden blame
    Because He is controlling the system 😂😂

  • Anonymous on June 11, 2024

    I’m very proud of our Potus and Flotus for their love of their son Hunter and obeys the rules of the law. They love their children, this what a USA family and a Potus supposed to look like. We r all human and we all have had problems in our lives with our children, but we still love them and we love them more when they’re doing better and uplifting themselves. I will be voting for Biden and democrats all the way down the line! No doubt 😇🙏👍💯❤️! We love you, be safe and stand together as u r doing niw!