New poll shows Trump verdict will have little effect on voters webfi


  • @shannonrainwater6319 on June 2, 2024

    Texas supports you Trump 2024 !

  • @wtf_is_a_parsnip on June 2, 2024

    Never fight uphill, meboys.

    – don von schitzinpantz

  • @craighall8762 on June 2, 2024

    Yep, even the people I knew were on the fence are now driven to vote for DJT

  • @Railride701 on June 2, 2024

    😂no doubt!! TRUMP TRAIN! '24

  • @lmadventure5023 on June 2, 2024

    Trump, please…

  • @raynatalizio3325 on June 2, 2024

    Felon Trump 🎉Hushshshshshshshsh

  • @raynatalizio3325 on June 2, 2024

    Not my President

  • @stephenfink4695 on June 2, 2024

    Those who are already opposed to him are prematurely celebrating. Those who support him are that much more mad at the law fair and much more fired up with their support. So this headline is spoken from a point of ignorance. It’s absolutely making a difference in voters minds.

  • @maraperez7052 on June 2, 2024

    Oh wait, this is coming from Faux😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • @Railride701 on June 2, 2024

    WH is a 🎪!! 👈

  • @ronheyrend701 on June 2, 2024

    TRUMP 2024

  • @mentorneziri8422 on June 2, 2024

    The courts in the United States are controlled by powerful groups closely tied to the Democratic Party, which are doing their best to prevent President Trump from being re-elected.

  • @adirondackgold1777 on June 2, 2024

    CONVICTED FELON DONALD TRUMP……. rings true, doesn't it?

  • @Jungletraveler00_12 on June 3, 2024

    The dems and Biden only help him win even more 😂

  • @ryant2568 on June 3, 2024

    We have already seen 4 years of Trump and 4 years of Biden so I imagine most voters have already made up their minds.

  • @mysticmapleaf7368 on June 3, 2024

    These polls are all bs. They always want us to believe that every election is something like 50.1:49.9. This is not the case but allows them to make whomever they wish to be president right up to the last minute.

  • @blakesliberator3197 on June 3, 2024

    This was before the verdict. Why are we seeing this?

  • @keepaway7896 on June 3, 2024

    Most independent voters are not going to vote for a convicted felon to be the president of the United States it's complete embarrassment

  • @woodsrider117 on June 3, 2024

    He calls vets “ losers” . What a pig.

  • @timc7312 on June 3, 2024

    Dum as* repub should have voted for a sure win with Nikky

  • @videowilliams on June 3, 2024

    Every time the Dem side mentions "ground game" I get visions of those 3am votes getting smuggled in 2020-style.

  • @glenn71144 on June 3, 2024

    We like our Presidents who are not convicted felons and abusers of women.