‘The Five’: Hunter Biden trial set to begin Monday webfi


  • @robertscott1599 on June 1, 2024

    The Democrats will have the case dismissed. No one can touch a Biden. They are above the law. Just ask them. The Democrats control our justice system. Communist party. Republicans are not smart enough to make a case stick. Look at all the Democrats in the past that have gone Scott free.

  • @JWADD15 on June 1, 2024

    Shannon Bream looks good. Of all the aging former bikini models on Fox News, I like her best!😊❤❤

  • @jeffbear5317 on June 1, 2024

    Nothing will happen.If he does get convicted Daddy will just pardon him. It would be interesting to see if they sentance Trump to more time for paperwork crimes or Hunter for gun crimes??

  • @ff-cq5hh on June 1, 2024

    Shame on any Republican judges or any judge that does not speak out.
    Judges must be scared

  • @phylisschavis4489 on June 1, 2024

    They want do a thing to him !

  • @phylisschavis4489 on June 1, 2024

    Daddy will prevent anything from happening to him !

  • @jonathangarcia2285 on June 1, 2024

    The scumbag Hunter is going to be the sacrificial lamb for the Deep state! They'll use his conviction as a base to say no one is above the law!😂

  • @stanpetek on June 1, 2024

    good get hanter

  • @Dodgers-sw2uk on June 1, 2024

    I think the Biden verdict will be shocking. He is literally on video committing these crimes and we all know he won’t be found guilty regardless of his obvious guilt

  • @derekbotha9508 on June 1, 2024

    Now let's hear democrats scream about this being justice, and nobody being above the law😂

  • @anthonyd4341 on June 1, 2024

    Whd9 is making su h olier loose?

  • @martin7955 on June 1, 2024

    He ll walk

  • @LVLexus on June 1, 2024

    Somehow the GOP thinks Hunter is the same person as Joe. This is a grown man. He gets what he gets. No one cares. He’s just not that important.

  • @antenna69 on June 1, 2024

    Tis laptop needs to be made public or leaked

  • @lasersbee on June 1, 2024

    Run and Hide Criminal Hunter Biden…. Run and hide…..😂🤣
    Sure hope Criminal Hunter Biden (the smartest guy that Daddy Criminal Joe Biden knows) finally wins his 10-25 year prize… We all know the entire corrupt Biden Criminal Family deserves it… It's Simple….The ONLY way to fix this +3 year Corrupt Criminal Biden Train Wreck continuing Fiasco —> TRUMP 2024…

  • @matthewjohn2963 on June 1, 2024

    I hope day put Hunter Biden in jail he’s the one is guilty not trump

  • @matthewjohn2963 on June 1, 2024

    Put the Biden family in jail

  • @nunyabusiness3666 on June 1, 2024

    Something tells me the Democrats will suddenly think trials are political.

  • @CincinnatiRay on June 1, 2024

    I will never listen to her ever again! She should be the next podcaster out of Fox News! Move out of NYC.

  • @BettyMullins on June 1, 2024

    Joe Biden should be charged with witness tampering since he approached her and not the other way around….

  • @joevette6290 on June 1, 2024

    $50 says he's aquited!!😂😂😂

  • @mrg8581 on June 1, 2024

    Hunter Biden and Tigers owner Chris Ilitch are secret lovers.

  • @kenwocher8253 on June 1, 2024

    Hand em High. He should be charged with many other crimes including treason with his dad selling political influence.

  • @fordjubilee on June 1, 2024

    I hear Merchan is the judge…So Hunter is good.

  • @todtiger on June 1, 2024

    He`ll walk, and it wont be to prison. The big guy will make sure of that.

  • @vp62ift on June 1, 2024

    He will get off and a pardon

  • @FreeThePorgs on June 1, 2024

    Really??? brandon has not pardoned him yet???? What's up dad????

  • @stevebrown218 on June 1, 2024

    You really have to question the abilities of Joe and Jill Biden of being competent parents. Maybe Hunter and sister are so messed up because of their parents.

  • @daz97 on June 1, 2024

    If they can eig trumos case
    They can rig this one

  • @mikeroy6713 on June 1, 2024

    I hope it does go to trial. There’s nothing like 12 of your peers, judging you based on real evidence to refill the truth.

  • @adamjennings8335 on June 1, 2024

    Only democrats are above the law. Joe biden got let off and not charged because he was to old when it came to classified documents. If he's too old to be charged then he's to be president. He will end the world in world war 3 the way ukraine and israel war has broken out. He is not capable he's a failure.

  • @wesweber8115 on June 1, 2024

    No Deals, sit in a Cold Court for 6 Weeks! Hunter be Squirming like a Worm!

  • @charleslane7248 on June 1, 2024


  • @MrElapid on June 1, 2024

    He'll skate. Felony charges might hurt his feelings.

  • @lesliemoore1656 on June 1, 2024

    As Biden said yesterday in his speech on Trumps guilty verdict, "no one is above the law" and "anyone that thinks the trial was rigged does not need to vote". Those comments apply to his son as well. Right?

  • @purplestareye on June 1, 2024

    If they rigged Trump trial they sure will rig this one too!

  • @LexFulton on June 1, 2024

    Every American should have the right to bear arms, no exception, even Hunter.

  • @purplestareye on June 1, 2024

    Naive Jesse…naive! They have rigged & corrupted the judicial branch & YES INCLUDING THE SUPREME COURT WHO PUT THEIR HEAD IN THE SAND IN JAN . 2021

  • @richardweirich6727 on June 1, 2024

    he's a democrat they will let him go