Watching The Gulf of Mexico for Development… webfi


  • @alvaroq2024 on June 8, 2024

    How could I not subscribe, this is vital information you’re putting out!❤👍

  • @kellogscoleman7076 on June 9, 2024

    Praying no one gets hurricanes .

  • @enricochavez3046 on June 9, 2024

    Moderate/heavy thunderstorms hitting us right now at the center of Panama City as of 12:48 am EST. Low visibility in the streets prompting drivers to drive with their blinking lights on. As always some streets not managing well the rain totals and becoming flooded

  • @ismeldasanchez8768 on June 9, 2024

    Finally getting rain in Ladyville Belize.

  • @MiguelRiveroVero on June 9, 2024

    Hey Brian, just an FYI, it's 11:10 pm (23:10 hrs) and Belize City, Belize FINALLY GOT SOME RAIN 🌧️😅

  • @EricDale-ev6he on June 9, 2024

    Thank u brian for ķeeping these communities in your effòrts. Ģoď bless

  • @lisalabellarte7713 on June 9, 2024

    11PM in Belize with LOTS of Rain ❤❤🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • @raymondgammel2275 on June 9, 2024

    1.8” of very needed rain this evening in Santa Elena, Cristo Rey area of Belize. Hopefully it hit some of the fires as well

  • @niquanvernon3306 on June 9, 2024

    Hey Brian. Getting some well needed rain here in Belize

  • @pheonixrisesotu2678 on June 9, 2024

    It's Saturday night and we are actually getting a heavy overnight rain in belmopan belize!

  • @leemccabemccabe5627 on June 9, 2024

    Hello Brian 👋
    Hot like the SUN wet like the RAIN Electric Dreams worldwide 🇬🇧 🗽

  • @MarkVoganWeather on June 9, 2024

    Saw some footage of significant flooding in the DR on twitter, Brian. Hope your having a great weekend.

  • @ALEJANDROBULLER on June 9, 2024

    Here in Belize, rain just started and haven't stop for three hours and don't look like it's going to stop any time soon 😇🇧🇿…

  • @prenelllillianllyod9716 on June 9, 2024

    Good morning thanks for the weather update. You was so accurate we had flooding in nassau it rain so much Saturday we had to stay in side.

  • @christineMaccallum-uo3qx on June 9, 2024

    Good morning sir Brian 😌❤

  • @christineMaccallum-uo3qx on June 9, 2024

    In Jamaica at this time cloudy ☔😮

  • @christineMaccallum-uo3qx on June 9, 2024

    Purple red orange Gray black

  • @lilliansmithwhyte8498 on June 9, 2024


  • @eternal8595 on June 9, 2024

    Belize had torrential rain last night with gale force winds, an immense ightning show with thunder. Amazing!!

  • @joycelynrichardson5188 on June 9, 2024

    Good morning a good Sunday…Thanks for sharing. No rain for Curacao weather here very warm.

  • @srod679 on June 9, 2024

    Thank you Brian for all you do, from Clearwater Florida

  • @marqui0609 on June 9, 2024

    Morning Brian, Curacao rain last night, don't know how much, but enough to take the morning off from watering the plants 🤗 Hmm…10 AM looks like more rain coming…we'll see.

  • @TheTheletterI on June 9, 2024

    I just don't think anything will happen until August or September towards Houston and Louisiana. But Florida well they could get hit anyday 😂

  • @dorothysimon7506 on June 9, 2024

    Good morning for the Bahamas we got overcast sky with rain off and on sometime heavy at times sometimes like

  • @Iseeyou12332 on June 9, 2024

    Extreme hurricane season on its way

  • @99999liquid on June 9, 2024

    I am Praying for Everyone whose Praying. I'm Praying that Prayers use PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

  • @speedyali9210 on June 9, 2024

    Trinidad just drizzling.. South side& central no flood

  • @curacaoviptourguidetaxi160 on June 9, 2024

    Good morning Brian! Good morning Caribbean neighbors. Last night we got a little rain in Curaçao enough to wash off the dust of my car.

  • @juliegodfrey2852 on June 9, 2024

    Thank God we get some rain ☔ Saturday in Belize 🇧🇿

  • @bronzhernandez288 on June 9, 2024

    Thanks from Belize…useful info. Appreciate your detailed info❤